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ATPM 6.05
May 2000



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PixelToy Review

The review of PixelToy says that it has no productive use. Actually I know of a semi-practical use for it.

First you play with PixelToy until you have a pattern that you like. Save the image and close PixelToy. Open your favorite photo paint program that can create masks. Photoshop would be best, but I use a program that cost only a tenth of that. Use the program to create a black-and-white image. I recommend typing your name, real big.

Open the PixelToy image in a second window of the photo paint program. Use the black-and-white image to mask a portion of the PixelToy image. Copy the masked image to the clipboard and paste to a third document. Voila! Your name in pretty colors.

I’m using this technique to design my business cards, social calling cards, and greeting cards. Unfortunately PixelToy doesn’t have good enough resolution for high-end graphics, but it works fine for low-end graphics and can sometimes be used for middle-range graphics.

Tim Goetsch

• • •

DSL and the Mac

I have been a Mac user since 1985.

When I encounter problems similar to yours, I recall the prejudice that I have endured over the years as a Irish Catholic growing up in Ontario, Canada.

For example, when I was five years old, I was playing with some friends, and a mother came out. She invited the group to have cookies and milk, but told me “Go home Maloney. You’re a Catholic.”

There are many laws dealing with minorities in the US of A. We Mac users are a minority group subject to much prejudice and discrimination. Can we get the ACLU to support us?

Al Maloney

• • •

April Fools

As many readers will have noticed, our recent April issue contained a number of April Fools columns. If you have trouble separating them from the real thing, look at the little apple on the bottom of the article. A regular ATPM apple means you are reading a regular article. An apple core means, well, you can guess what it means...

We hope you enjoyed it!

The ATPM Staff

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