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May 2000



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Review: ScreenTest 1.1

by Mike Shields,


Company: CompleatMac Software


Price: $10 (shareware)

ScreenTest is a movie trivia game to test your knowledge with quotes from more than 300 movies. The game provides the quote, and the player names the movie. A complete round consists of 20 quotes for you to identify. A “Hint” button is available if you need help (which I needed on more than one occasion)—however, sometimes the hint is either not helpful or non-existent.


For example, the quote appears, four Bill Murray movies are the choices, and the hint is, “Bill Murray said this.” That narrows it down! And this hint appeared on more than one occasion. Apparently, the author is a Bill Murray fan.

Another problem is that when I guessed wrong, I wasn’t told what the correct answer was. I’m sure that if I were to play the game all day, I’d eventually get around to seeing the same quote again and making another guess-but I only played a few times.

Now, the good news: I liked it. It was easy to play, and since I am The Hollywood Guy, I recognized most of the quotes. The only ones I missed were (as noted above) the ones for which a hint wasn’t available when I needed it.

The game was written with SuperCard, and the author is a member of the SuperCard Webring (which I cruised, finding some other gems). I don’t know about $10; I’d pay $5 for this, with the hope that the flaws I mentioned will be fixed in version 2. I do predict hours of enjoyment for those who love movies.

appleCopyright ©2000 Mike Shields, Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone. If you’re interested, write to us at

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