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Network Setup Move Files Share Internet Share a Printer Fixing Problems Finding Products
Network Setup
Creating a new network, for two or more computers
Move Files
Getting your files from one computer to another
Share the Internet
Turn your pipeline into a fountain
Share a Printer
Make one printer do the work of many
Fixing Problems
Shocking, but true—computers can break
Finding Products
Available network products and where to find them
Download Site
Download this web site for off-line browsing
Welcome to Threemacs.com, a website that explains Macintosh networking in plain English, intended for all levels of Mac experience. The focus is on small networks (up to ten Macs or so), covering network concepts, setup instructions, and troubleshooting. Where appropriate, pictures and references accompany the instructions to ease in comprehension.

The site as a whole focuses on the primary network: moving files around, sharing an Internet connection, and sharing printer access. Since you need a network before you can do any of these things, there's also network setup instructions.

Navigate around the site itself using the left sidebar and watch for icons that explain additional points as part of the page content.

When you see the wrench icon, it means you'll need to connect something to something else. Typically, you'll connect a wire to a computer, printer, or the like.

The CD icon means you're working with software, usually by changing the settings in a control panel or network program.

Help! The white flag appears around trickier topics, pointing the way to background or additional sources of information that will make the topic easier to understand.

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If that isn't enough, I've also made my entire website available as a download for readers who want to view it off-line. The file is a self-extracting, self-mounting disk image that you can browse as if you were reading it on-line. You'll find the download file on the Download Site page.
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