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Mac File Sharing
Transferring files with your Mac's built-in software
Mac-to-PC Sharing
Products that allow Macs to swap files with PCs and vice versa
FTP File Transfer
Setting up an FTP server for Mac or PC file sharing
File Backup
Using a network to back up your files
Move Files

A primary purpose for networks is the movement of files. It may be a one-time transfer, as you copy the contents of an older computer to a new one, or persistent, as you create a shared office workspace, but odds are good that any given network has a reason to move files around.

Mac-to-Mac File Sharing
You have files on one Mac, but you need them somewhere else. The Mac's File Sharing software makes the network connection just like moving files around your own Mac. File Sharing comes built-in to the Mac OS and setup takes only a few minutes on each system.

Mac-to-PC File Sharing
Macs and PCs both support the network sharing of files, but their differing file systems present an obstacle. Fortunately, software provides a way around this wall, making your Mac or PC speak the other's language (relatively) seamlessly.

FTP File Transfer
For those who want file transfer but don't care about frills, FTP servers are the low-cost solution to moving files from computer to computer, regardless of platform (Mac, PC, whatever).

File Backup
File transfer isn't just about ease-of-use. Ask anyone that's run afoul of a nasty virus or computer crash; backup saves time, effort, and possibly irreplaceable work. There are several ways to make backups, depending on your own tolerance for maintenance and cost.
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