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Missing Software
Can't find your network software?
Ethernet Fails
What to do when AppleTalk won't stay on Ethernet or you can't see your Mac on the network
Network Speed
Ways to increase network speed (add another hamster?)
Network Insecurity
Improving your network security
More Network Help
Other Internet sources of help
Fixing Mac Network Problems

Shocking but true, computers—and their networks—can break. This section seeks to help you figure out what happened and how to fix it before your blood pressure reaches dangerous levels.

Missing Network Software
Your Mac needs specific software to function correctly and your network uses a few specific pieces of its own. This page details both the required software and how you can go about replacing it should it go missing.

Ethernet Problems
There are some common problems associated with Ethernet networks, primarily when using crossover cables on older Macs or in sharing files. This page helps you root out the missed connection.

Network Speed Factors
In the test lab, networks can move data very quickly, but things are different in the "real world." This page lists a number of factors that affect your actual network performance, with tips on improving it.

Network (In)Security
Most Mac home network users are in little danger of exposing their network data to the world, but it helps to know what the risks are and how to improve things overall.

More Network Help
This site isn't the only game in town for Mac networking, so I provide information on other places to look for help or info if you need more.
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