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Ethernet Adapters
Finding Ethernet adapters for non-Ethernet Macs
Finding Network Products

You can find almost anything for sale on the Internet these days and network products are no exception. Whether you want a reference book or a new Ethernet switch, there are plenty of things to buy and plenty of places to get them.

Ethernet Adapters
If your Mac lacks Ethernet support and you want to find an Ethernet adapter for it, see the Ethernet Adapters page for a list of available options based on your Mac model. Note that many adapters are no longer available new, but you may find them used or at a parts reseller.

Online Network Shopping
There are many on-line Macintosh product resellers. Some carry exclusively new products, others carry aftermarket or used products as well. If you're looking for something, it's good to check several places, to get an idea of the market prices. Here are a few Macintosh resellers, in alphabetical order.

MacResQ (new and used)
Fry's Outpost.com
Small Dog Electronics (new and used)

DealMac.com is a great source of pricing info, both for comparison shopping and limited-time offers.

Note that many network products, such as Ethernet switches or Internet routers, are platform-independent and you don't necessarily need to buy them from a Mac-only reseller.

When you visit a reseller's web site, there are two ways to find networking products. You can use the site's search engine and search for product types (i.e., "Ethernet switch"), manufacturers ("Proxim"), or name ("iPrint") or look for a "networking products" section. Most resellers offer network products in their own category. The resellers want to make it easy to buy stuff from them, so it shouldn't be too difficult to track down what you want or just poke around the storefront.
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