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Mac File Sharing
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Mac-to-PC File Sharing

While Mac OS, Windows, and Unix all include file sharing support for computers that use the same operating system, their underlying differences prevent them from playing nicely (and sharing files) with each other. Fortunately there are ways around this, generally through add-on software that allows one computer to talk the others' language.

DAVE by Thursby Software Systems
DAVE is Mac-based software that creates a complete peer-to-peer bridge to Windows networks, allowing the Mac to see Windows shared files and share its own files and printers to Windows users. DAVE works with Mac OS 8.6+ and Mac OS X. Visit the Thursby web site for a downloadable demo.

PC MacLAN by Miramar Systems
PC MacLAN is Windows-based software that a complete peer-to-peer bridge with Mac networks, basically the vice versa of DAVE. It works with Windows 95 - 2000 (NT & 2000 have a distinct product version). Visit the Miramar web site for a downloadable demo.

MacSOHO by Thursby Software Systems
MacSOHO (Small Office/Home Office) is a small-scale version of DAVE, enabling Mac and Windows users to share files (but not printers) seamlessly. MacSOHO works with Mac OS 8.6 - 9. Visit the Thursby web site for a downloadable demo.

MacNFS by Thursby Software Systems
MacNFS is Mac-based software that allows file sharing between Macs and Unix NFS file servers. It works with Mac OS 7.6 - 9 (it requires Open Transport networking). Visit the Thursby web site for a downloadable demo and exact Unix server requirements.

TSSTalk by Thursby Software Systems
TSSTalk is Windows-based software that enables Windows users to access AppleTalk-hosted files and printers through the Network Neighborhood with no additional software on the Mac side. It works with Windows 95 - 2000. Visit the Thursby web site for a downloadable demo.

DoubleTalk by Connectix
DoubleTalk is Mac-based software that lets Mac users access files and printers on Windows network servers. The connection is one-way, though, as PCs can't see the Mac side. It works with Mac OS 8.1 - 9.

FireNet by UniBrain
FireNet is software that adds the FireWire port as a native network interface for Mac OS or Windows, enabling for file transfer across the FireWire port. It works with Mac OS 9 and X and Windows 98 - 2000. Visit the UniBrain web site for a downloadable demo.

SmartLink by Iogear
SmartLink is a USB-based network adapter that can also share files between Mac OS and Windows. It connects directly to the USB ports on two computers and includes software that manages the file transfer. It works with Mac OS 8.6 - 9 and Windows 95 - 2000.

Sharity by Objective Development
Sharity is Mac OS X (or Unix) software that lets you access files from Windows and other CIFS file servers as if they were on a local disk. See the OD web site for full details and a downloadable demo.

FTP File Transfer
FTP is platform-independent, so any platform that supports TCP/IP (that's pretty much all of them) can share files via an FTP client-server connection. The biggest advantage is price, since TCP/IP comes built-in and there are many client-server options that are free or at least very cheap. FTP is for files only, though, not for printers, so you're better off with DAVE if you need Mac-to-Windows printing.
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