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ATPM 6.05
May 2000



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Reviews: Updates

Alsoft DiskWarrior 2.0.2

The DiskWarrior Extension, a portion of DiskWarrior, reviewed in ATPM 6.03, has been updated to version 2.0.2. This version adds compatibility with Mac OS 9.04—versions of the extension prior to 2.0.2 would disable themselves at startup.

For users of Mac’s requiring 9.0.4, a bootable CD containing both this version of the OS and version 2.0.2 of the DiskWarrior Extensions is available for $12.95 plus $5.00 shipping ($7.95 outside of the US and Canada).

Auction Action Tracker 2.7.8

This eBay tracking utility reviewed in ATPM 5.11 has been updated to version 2.7.8. The most noticeable change is a fix taking into account changes made to eBay’s bidding system. Also, several interface changes have been made. Reserve auctions are now properly displayed in the status window. When placing a bid, the quantity now defaults to 1. Items on the Ban List can now be viewed directly in the browser. Finally, the option-key modifiers no longer work when Auction Action Tracker is in the background.

Extension Overload 5.0

Extension Overload 5.0 is out, and the changes since our last ATPM Update include the addition of the extensions and control panels in Mac OS 9.0.4, bringing the total to 2950 covered items. The update also includes some small cosmetic changes to the interface and better support for non-English systems. A bug was also squished which caused some users to crash when scrolling with virtual memory off.

Finale 2000

Since Finale 2000 was reviewed in issue 6.01, Coda has released three incremental updates. Version 2000a fixed most of the reported bugs (there were surprisingly few for a major upgrade), 2000b corrected a handful more, and 2000c adds a new feature: Smart Score and MidiScan conversion (in conjunction with their new partnership with Musictek). If you’ve already upgraded to 2000b, the “c” revision is only worthwhile for these features. Some advice from personal experience: if you’re using OMS or Free MIDI you’ll need to reset the MIDI Setup (under the MIDI menu) to access either one.

Handspring Visor Deluxe

One of the advantages the Visor Deluxe has over the Palm line of PDAs is its USB connection to the computer. One of the downsides is that this necessitates the use of a custom version of Palm Desktop to be able to use the USB connection. For several months, this meant using the outdated Palm Desktop 2.1. Recently, Handspring released an update to version 2.6. The most noticeable difference is the Instant Palm Desktop menu—now, most of the screens of the HotSync application can be accessed from this menu. Also, the update is supposed to fix a syncing problem with OS 9.04, although the Read Me contains a release date of February, 2000. A serial number, located on the battery door of the Visor, is required for the download.

MacHeadlines Pro 1.9.1

This is a maintenance release of the news/stock ticker reviewed in ATPM 5.10. The most noticeable difference is the software’s change in ownership to Aladdin Systems Holdings, Inc., which purchased Trexar Technologies in late March.

Macster PR 4.0

We just reviewed Macster PR 3.5 in the last issue, but the client was entirely rewritten for PR 4.0, so we think it is worth noting. The client feels much more robust now, and is really very usable at this point. The interface feels more Mac-like, too. Besides Macster, MacStar, and Rapster, Napster itself announced that they will develop their own Mac client for their controversial free music download, exchange, and chat service. Gotta love those names...

Voodoo3 3000 PCI

Although the 3dfx does not officially support the Mac with the Voodoo3 line of graphics accelerators, they certainly have been busy trying to make sure stuff is working. Since the Voodoo3 3000 PCI was first reviewed in ATPM 6.02, there have been two updates to the beta drivers. The latest update brings the driver to version b12. There are two aspects to this update. First, some 2D issues have been fixed from b11. Second, basic RAVE support has been included. Although not complete, it is now possible to play Bugdom and Nanosaur. According to 3dfx, other games have not been tested.

• • •

There are far too many Mac products these days for us to review each one, or even keep up with all the ones we have reviewed. Indeed, many shareware authors are revving their products more than once a month! The Update section is where we acknowledge significant new versions of products that we have previously reviewed. If new features, bug fixes, or other revisions are substantial enough to change our assessment of a piece of software, we will generally publish a full review of the new version.

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