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ATPM 15.07
July 2009





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Controlling Your Mac

You could also use the program Synergy (or SynergyKM for Mac). It’s totally cross-platform and works on multiple systems with multiple monitors. I use it on a three-workstation six-monitor setup at work, and the only issue is that it sometimes takes a while to resolve the computer name and restart the connection after restarting the computers.


Switching to ADSL2+

Wow. And I felt like the poor relation here in Denver, CO, with my ancient Motorola Surfboard modem hooked to my AirPort Extreme wireless ‘n’ router fighting for my 5.3 mbps download speed. I admire your persistence.

Hang in there.

—G. Watson

Sitting on the Font Fence

Very interesting article. I used Font Reserve from the beginning and loved it. I then had to switch over to Suitcase, and then Suicase Fusion. It works, but not as smooth as with the experience I had with Font Reserve.

—Peter Teubner

Coping With Mac OS X’s Font Rendering

I do like ClearType for its pixel matching sharpness, but I don’t like it doing it through RGB sub-pixels. I really hate small characters looking purple and green on Windows, much more than a little fuzziness on Mac OS X. Adobe Flash has even worse sub-pixel rendering then ClearType. So, please, Microsoft, give us a ClearType that ignores RGB pixel rendering, but focusses on pixel mapping.

Some here suggest that colour fringing is caused by bad monitor setup. That is nonsense. I think a bad-VGA cable and some blurring because of scaling hides the colour fringing instead of strengthening it. Colour fringing is very good seen on the best IPS and PVA panels at good DVI connections and decent calibration. Maybe sub-pixel rendering looks fine on a cramped 1,920×1,200 17-inch TN laptop screen, but on a huge quality screen, it looks psychadelic.

Oh, and even worse are ClearType sub-pixel rendered texts that are not black on white but in two different colours.

—Blanka Jansen

• • •

This article is the first result on Google for fonts ugly mac. In my case, I was trying to figure out why Georgia was looking off balance. This was exactly what I was looking for, thank you. Also, Firebug is a tool worth noting (it works on Firefox on Mac now), as clicking “inspect” will display the particulars—font family, size, line-height, word-spacing, etc. of anything you hover over or click on.

—Adam Gerow

Posterino 1.5.1

I have used Posterino for a couple of years now. Although it is definitely a specialty item, it really makes lovely posters that are great for memories and for making really special gifts on occasions like graduations, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. I think it worth the cost as it is reliable, stable, easy to use, and the results are terrific.

—David R. Levine

Apple Keyboard

Looks like Apple listened. The new MacBook Pro does have a similar keyboard. Ye!

—Abhishek Nandakumar

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