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ATPM 15.07
July 2009





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by Mark Tennent,


The new iPhone is all I want. Perhaps a little smaller would make it better for my needs, but I want a pocket computer/camera/organiser/phone. What I don’t want is the expensive contract.


I use a mobile phone as often as I want, talk for as long as I like, and telephone anywhere I fancy. Friends and contacts in France, Canada, the USA, Australia…they are all in my phonebook. Sometimes I use the Internet on my 3G phone and never worry about download costs, especially if it’s to get a new application, or just to check Google.

My total annual mobile phone bill is around 50 pounds. Factor in the cost of the phone and extra RAM to reach double at 100 pounds. That’s the equivalent of about 80 pounds a month. Why would I spend over four times as much for a monthly contract, as well as paying hundreds for a handset?

Apple and O2 are missing a trick here. Whenever surveys come out, I usually find myself somewhere between Mr. Average and the window seat on the Clapham Omnibus. I would be happy to pay for the handset and my actual use of airtime. Even their highly expensive “Pay as You Go” solutions have airtime that expires each month.

Fonts Update

Meanwhile, Linotype FontExplorer X Pro has been updated and fixes the bug we found in the last version. It is now our chosen font handler over and above Suitcase Fusion 2, which really ought to have plug-ins for earlier versions of QuarkXPress and Adobe Creative Studio.

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Michael J. Amato · July 3, 2009 - 14:11 EST #1
You have an extra zero on your monthly estimate! If you estimate 100 Lbs/yr that would only be 8 lbs./mo. Quite a difference. Much lower than comparable in the US It's much higher here.

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