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ATPM 10.06
June 2004


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Sitting in on the Jam

Panther Little Black Book Review

Cloning Mac OS 9

Outliners: NoteTaker and NoteBook

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Reader Comments (2)

Stephen R. Diamond · June 3, 2004 - 21:29 EST #1
Darren Eger asks whether anyone knows of an OSX application that has the search abilities of InfoSelect.

My knowledge of InfoSelect is second hand, but as I understand its real time search capability, the OS X program Hog Bay Notebook has it and seems designed around a method of working like Darren Eger describes.
Stephen Chakwin · June 11, 2004 - 15:23 EST #2
Darren Eger's note about Info-Select raises a good point. There is nothing that I know of quite like IS for Mac, though Tinderbox is probably even more powerful since it combines the "go find it" capability of IS with the ability to create (and ignore) a structure if you want. DevonThink is another product that has some of this flexibility, though I found its interface a little obscure.

Tinderbox, if you try to use it to the limits of its capacity, has a pretty formidable learning curve and is not a poor man's game - it's sale priced at the moment at "only" $95 [], but it is a remarkably powerful application and quite flexible. Ted wrote about it at some length in the series (speaking of which, it's too bad that we missed another installment - that's three passes since the series started [two equipment problem misses and the not-very-substantive April Fool's Day parody] makes me realize how attached to it I've become.

Darren, I'd suggest reading the back issues of Ted's articles posted on the ATPM web site and focusing in on Tinderbox and DevonThink. You can download trial versions of each. I downloaded my trial version of TB about a year ago and it was lamed a little, but still functional enough to give me an idea of what it could do and I bought it. The DevonThink trial seemed unlimited and does not, I think, have an expiration date. I didn't wind up using it but I think my evaluation copy is still working.

Good luck. (should we setting up a hardware fund for either Ted or ATPM?)


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