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ATPM 10.06
June 2004


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This month’s issue includes:

The Candy Apple: It’s Too Bad We Need This Device

Fingerprint recognition technology makes Ellyn Ritterskamp wonder about pawprints, too.

Bloggable: Wishful Thinking

We’ve all heard the phrase before. Repeat it with us: “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.” As if Wes Meltzer’s column on that topic isn’t enough on its own, he has more blogosphere goings-on to report: Cocoa and Carbon history, Palm’s support (or lack thereof?) for the Mac, iSync liberation, platform expatriation, Word 2004, and OS X’s interface.

Machine Language: Some Offers We Are Not Needing

Thanks to spam, Matt Coates finds himself on a first-name basis with lots of new friends. When he’s not digging through e-mail, Matt can be found tinkering with his new mini-network of iPod, Mac and cellphone—his eye-opening introduction to the real promise of the digital hub.

How To: Distributed Blender Rendering with Xgrid

Most of us will likely never have any exposure to cluster computing projects, but Andrew Kator’s column—instructions he feels Apple left out of the manual—is a nice diversion for anyone, if only to see how cool and how simple distributed tasking is with Apple’s new Xgrid.

Cartoon: Cortland

With the NeoCort story arc concluded (or is it?), Matt Johnson returns to Cortland and Todd’s job hunt—not to mention his own!

Cartoon: iTrolls

The iTrolls seem to think a new sports team is about to take the field. Meanwhile, they’ll just muse about a radical opinion from eWeek, XP People, and an “innovative” declaration from Bill Gates.

Desktop Pictures: Puerto Rico

Web Editor Lee Bennett offers the second half of the images from his trip to Puerto Rico in April.

Review: Apple Confidential 2.0 (book)

Hush hush and on the QT, Brooke Smith gets the scoop on Apple in Owen Linzmayer’s latest book.

Review: Hardware Hacking Projects for Geeks (book)

Chris Lawson enjoyed this hardware hacker’s how-to manual disguised as a very entertaining read.

Review: iStumbler 86

iStumbler will need some polishing before Wes Meltzer is ready to give it high marks.

Review: Mariner Write 3.6

If you’re fed up with the bloat that is Microsoft Word and the less-than-complete feeling that is many other text editors, Paul Fatula suggests giving Mariner Write a try.

Review: QuicKeys X2 2.1

Gregory Tetrault says QuicKeys X2 is still not the power tool it was in its version 4 and 5 days.

Review: SightLight

Back this month with another iSight accessory, Lee Bennett isn’t nearly as impressed this time around.


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