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ATPM 5.07
July 1999


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Trivia Correction

I just wanted to thank you for the Mac Secrets book you sent me as a prize for your trivia contest. It showed up at work today and the coworkers (non-Mac users all) were quite impressed when they heard about how I obtained it. I dunno if being a winner eliminates me from entering your latest trivia quiz, so I'll pass on this one except for a comment: I'm also a fan of the original Star Trek series and could easily answer each question, except the last ('Time traveler immune to VNP). Naturally by process of elimination, the answer has to be Gary Seven, but I honestly didn’t remember that fact from the episode. All I remember is the very uh...‘interesting’ feline alien companion and Terri Garr... :-) So again, thanks for a very enjoyable prize but perhaps more importantly, interesting and fun contests, which is kinda the point, ain’t it?

All the best,

Victor Yanagida


P.S. To you and the staff of ATPM: Keep up the great work!

Winning one trivia challenge does not eliminate you from future competitions.



In ATPM 5.04 a reader suggested that Worms is not out for the Mac. This is not true, since I've got it.

Just to let you know,

Wouter Zelle


Font Size

I enjoy reading your e-zine but find the type size much too small. Is there a way to increase the type size?

sk dunn


If you are reading ATPM on the Web, you can use the new buttons at the bottoms of our Web pages to increase the font size.

Alternatively you can turn off cascading style sheets in your Web browser’s preferences; then you will be able to adjust the font sizes in the browser to suit your taste.

In the PDF edition, you can use Acrobat Reader’s zoom tool to increase the magnification.


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