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ATPM 5.06
June 1999




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Trivia Challenge

by Edward Goss,

Star Trek Stars

This is the latest in ATPM’s series of Trivia Challenges. Answers to this month’s Trivia Challenge will be found in the next issue of ATPM. If you have any suggestions for future Trivia Challenges, or wish to comment about almost anything, please e-mail me at

I would like to congratulate the winners of last month’s Trivia Challenge 5.05—Mac Mysteries: First Place, and winner of the Adobe GoLive 4.0 program is Adriano V. Bacuita Jr. Second Place goes to David Zapasnik, and the Third Place winner is Victor Yanagida. Thanks to all who participated.

This month’s prize is a fabulous new ATPM t-shirt! The ultra-cool, 100% cotton t-shirt emblazoned with the ATPM logo on the front and our logo and motto on the back goes to the first two correct entries I receive. Send your answers to

It was the original Star Trek TV Series that started the whole Star Trek phenomenon. The show eventually succeeded because the members of the cast seemed to fit their roles perfectly. It’s hard to imagine anyone doing a better job than they did in representing Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry’s dream of the future. See how you fare in identifying these TV pioneers as you take part in:

Trivia Challenge 5.06: Star Trek Stars

 1. Who was Captain Kirk’s Yeoman?       A. Christopher Pike
 2. Who was the youngest Captain         B. Uhura
    ever to command a Starship?
 3. Who was the Helmsman of The          C. Khan Noonien Singh
    Enterprise, and later Captain
    of The Excelsior?
 4. Who is the Enterprise’s              D. Gary Seven
    Communications Officer?
 5. What Star Trek cast member           E. Janice Rand
    directed the movie “Three Men 
    and a Baby”?
 6. Kirstie Alley played this Vulcan     F. Zephram Cochrane
    in “The Wrath Of Khan.”
 7. Exposure to Delta-rays disfigured    G. Lt. Saavik
    and crippled this former captain.
 8. Who supplies the voice for The       H. James T. Kirk
    Enterprise’s computer?
 9. Who was found in suspended           I. David Gerrold
    animation on the S.S. Botany Bay?
10. What TV star played social worker    J. Richard Daystrom
    Edith Keeler?
11. Who is Spock’s father?               K. Majel Barrett
12. What doctor invented the M-5         L. Sarek
    multitronic computer?
13. Who discovered warp drive?           M. Leonard Nimoy
14. Who wrote the famous episode         N. Joan Collins
    “The Trouble With Tribbles”?
15. What time-traveller is immune        O. Hikaru Sulu
    to the Vulcan Neck Pinch?

The Rules

Each question has only one correct answer. The answers are stored in a hermetically sealed envelope guarded by a fierce Lhasa Apso named “Hammerli” who lives in our house.

Last Month’s Answers 5.05—Mac Mysteries

 1. What Mac friend wrote “The Hitch   E. Douglas Adams
    Hiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”?
 2. Who is the author of the ATPM      Q. Tom Iovino
    column “Apple Cider”? 
 3. Who is the creator of              I. William Atkinson
 4. Who founded the company            J. John Garber
    Connectix Corp.?
 5. What is the code name for the      U. Spartacus
    20th Anniversary Mac?
 6. Who became the President and       A. John Sculley
    CEO of Apple on April 8, 1983?
 7. Who left Apple to found the        T. Jean-Louis Gassée
    company Be, Inc.?
 8. What is the nickname for           P. Mozilla
    Netscape Navigator?
 9. Who named a computer after his     M. Steve Jobs
    daughter, Lisa?
10. What was the code name for         R. Killer Rabbit
    Appleshare 3.0?
11. Who directed Apple’s famous 1984   O. Ridley Scott
    Super Bowl commercial?
12. Who created the popular Mercutio   C. Ramon M. Feliciano
13. Who is the author of “The Mac      K. Owen Linzmayer
    Bathroom Reader”?
14. Who designed the “Blue Apple       S. Marc Robinson
    Icons” for ATPM?
15. What was the development name      D. Allegro
    for Mac OS 8.5?
16. Who was the first president        H. Mike Scott
    of Apple Computer, Inc.?
17. What is another name for the       V. Firewire
    IEEE 1394 technology?
18. In 1967, who wrote his thesis on   W. Jef Raskin
    the “Quick-Draw Graphics System”?
19. What is the code name for the      F. Veronica
    new Mac OS 8.6?
20. Who, with Arlo Rose, authored      B. Greg Landweber
    the fabulous “Kaleidoscope”?

And the Secret Message was, of course, “ATPM ROCKS.” The most often missed question of those that got all the rest correct was #16. All of the wrong submissions thought incorrectly that Steve Wozniak was Apple’s first president. Of course it was Mike Scott.

This Month’s CD Recommendation

Take Me To The Highway” by Pat Simmons—the former Doobie Brother creates an acoustic masterpiece! Mastered by Doug Sax, this is a true gem.

AppleCopyright © 1999 Edward Goss,

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