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ATPM 3.11
November 1997


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Appleaic Dialogues

I have just finished reading the well-reasoned letter by Eric Barnes in ATPM 3.10. I had read Apple Cider and The Apple Tree in ATPM 3.09 and found them cogent, so it is interesting to be equally persuaded by Barnes.

The compliment here is that it is a pleasure to have an e-zine where the dialogue is so rich and intelligent. (Notice I said "dialogue." I am not staking a claim to intelligence in my own more monologue-like pieces which you have so courteously published!)

So thanks. I like rich reading fare.

Tony Hardwood Jones

Hint: If you like to see nice letters like the one Eric wrote, remember that someone has to write them. So if you disagree with something we say, tell us about it!


Pro-Mac Material

I enjoyed stopping by your Web site and browsing several online issues. I wonder if you have any information that can assist me in my "battle" as outlined below (already posted to the EvangeList).

I am the Supervisor of Fine & Performing Arts in a public school district. I have a few Macs in almost every music and art classroom. In the high school, larger labs.

The school district "officially" went Windows <dumb jerks> and now the business administrator refuses to purchase new Mac or even new software for Macs! He told me to provide proof in writing from non-Mac oriented journals/articles that the Mac is the machine of choice in art and music. <sigh>

I am so "pro-Mac" I ranted and raved and told him to give me articles that prove that Windows is the machine of choice!!! Needless to say I got a letter of insubordination from him, my boss is furious and now my life is miserable. I don't need this continued frustration, but...Macs are worth it. :D

Can anyone cite non-Macintosh material that indicates Macs are better than PCs in these areas? At this point, I'd print out pages of the ATPM if needed! :-)
If I can't win this battle, I've surely lost my war.

Pete Crosta

I was able to find a few sources for Pete, but I'm sure there are many more. Please e-mail him if you know of any information that might be helpful. —MT


We'd love to hear your thoughts about our publication. We always welcome your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and praise at <>. Or, if you have an opinion or announcment about the Macintosh platform in general, that's ok too.

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