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ATPM 3.11
November 1997


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Happy Holidays! This year we have many things to celebrate! Our e-zine continues to grow and our favorite computer gets faster (and better). Please take a look inside our latest issue. But first, our introduction...

The Truth...(As We Knew It)

Several months ago our Apple "mole" Morty (code-named Deep Six, Nine) shared some juicy tidbits of information. Unable to confirm his hearsay, we decided the best coarse was to make no official public statements. Deep Six, Nine (who should not be confused with Watergate's infamous "Deep Throat" or any member of a Star Trek spinoff series) suggested that "big news" was brewing at 1 Infinite Loop. Because DS9's report could not be substantiated, we were left with an ethical dilemma.

As reputable members of the Internet press, we feel it's inappropriate to spread unsubstantiated reports. Therefore, we felt it better to "sit" on the story (figuratively speaking). However, we think it's important that you know that we knew what everyone now knows, but we knew it before it became news. To illustrate just how much we knew, we'll tell you what we knew before you knew, so everyone will know that we knew it.

For the record, this is what we knew: On November 10, 1997, Apple Computer will announce the release of a new line of computers powered by the revolutionary G3 (third-generation) PowerPC chip. Apple Computer will also announce that build-to-order Macs can be purchased directly from Apple via the World Wide Web. Steve Jobs will continue as interim CEO through at least until the start of the Christmas shopping season. Thanks Morty! Now what did you say about a "strategic alliance"? Oh well, we'll have more to say in the months ahead.

In a related matter, we're selling a bridge located in one of New York City's five boroughs, not far from where the Dodgers' first played ball...any offers?

Ye Olde Apple Store

Many of our readers have been wondering why Apple opened an online store whose prices are no better than catalogs and traditional resellers. To make matters worse, Apple Computer must charge sales tax on products shipped to any state where it has an office. Readers who live in states which charge a high sales tax complain that this is a significant additional cost compared to purchases made through a catalog that have an office in their states (Ever wonder why many catalog operations are located in less populated states?). We agree. Well, not exactly. It's not for us to remind our readers that, in many states, sales tax (or use tax) is legally due whether it is collected by the merchant or not. But, there is more to the story!

The Truth... (As We See It)

Macintosh users are a select lot. Many call our lack of conformity in a Wintel world "irreverent." However, we think of ourselves as singularly devout (at least where it concerns our choice of personal computers). Almost by definition, non-conformity means we are a minority. We tend to follow the beat of a different drummer and perhaps, the "Tempo" of an entirely different band!

As Interim CEO Steve Jobs pointed out, Apple and the Macintosh are not a religion (see below) and the company's recent decisions are almost purely economic. Apple needed to cut costs and get the right products into people's hands as quickly as possible. Inventory and inventory management problems have plagued Apple for many years. By reducing channel inventory (the stuff sitting out there) and providing buyers with a more efficient way to buy computers, both Apple Computer and Macintosh users will benefit greatly.

The Truth...(As We Know It)

One of the sad truths of Macintosh's market share is that Apple Computer is a victim of its own success. Millions of Macintoshes in use today are more than 5 years old! Wintel users have been locked in an endless cycle of constant hardware upgrades, while Mac users have been able to save their money. One of the best ways to help the Macintosh platform is for owners of older Macs to finally upgrade their equipment. Don't be shy! The new G3 machines are awesome!

The Truth...(As We Envision It)

Ask 1,000 people, "What is religion?" You'll probably get 2,000 different answers. For people who have never used a Mac, the enthusiasm of many Mac users may seem akin to "religious fervor." However, Steve Jobs is correct. Macintosh is not a religion. It is a tool that helped many of us be more productive, more creative, and have fun!

No matter what your religion or denomination, the holiday season is a time when we're drawn closer to family and friends. It's a time when we celebrate the miracle of life and give thanks for our blessings. The ATPM Staff would like to thank you, our loyal readers, for your support. We're thankful for the opportunity to publish our zany e-zine.

It's our hope that the Macintosh platform will continue to grow and attract new users. We earnestly believe that Macintosh is the best personal computer in the world and an unrivaled platform of choice for creative expression, no matter the medium or media.

ATPM was created to celebrate the personal computing experience. We hope you continue to enjoy our work.

The ATPM StaffApple

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