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ATPM 3.02
February 1997





Wishful Thinking

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Thank You!

Oh my God, I just wanted to write you guys and tell you all that I really appreciate what you do. Every time I see a ATPM issue being downloaded by cyberdog it truly brings a tear to my eye. ;=) I have always been impressed by the beautiful production quality and content of ATPM. How I wish the world had one iota of the macgoodness found in the hearts of the ATPM team. I just had a truly touching experience, my roomate is buying his first Mac. He chose to buy a performa 6400 in part due to ATPM's excellent review. A lot of price chopping from Apple made his mouth water over the 6400. I can also say that I put my two cents in; however, the job of a macevangalist is made a lot easier by people like you all...

Daniel M. Ramos

Tell Everyone How Great Macs Are

A few weeks ago I ran across a copy of ATPM 2.10. It was part of a CD I found on the cover of a Macintosh magazine - actually I can't even remember its name. I was in a blue mood because Apple again had shifted the Copland release date way back and the System 7.5.2 and 7.5.3 releases had brought more problems than solutions. But after reading the first few lines of ATPM I knew you would make my day. The stories in your - or should I say "our" - e-zine are written deep from the author's heart. For the first time in months, if not years, I knew I had a very special, personal computer. It felt just like the first time I saw Adobe's Illustrator 1.0 on a Mac Plus. By publishing ATPM you are sending out a better marketing tool than Apple ever could. Your advocacy for the best computer, OS and software ever make Mac-owners feel good about their machines and make them advocates for Macintoshes who are better sales-people than Apple could ever have.


We'd love to hear your thoughts about our publication. We always welcome your comments, criticisms, suggestions, and praise at Or, if you have an opinion or announcment about the Macintosh platform in general, that's ok too.

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