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ATPM 3.02
February 1997





Wishful Thinking

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The ATPM Page o' Links is, by design, a perpetual work-in-progress. It is our stated goal to create the most fun, entertaining and useful Macintosh-related Web resource guide available to the general public. Please feel free to assist our efforts by passing along the URL of your favorite Mac-related Web site for possible inclusion on our list. Our e-mail address is

Editors' Choice Sites

Adobe Software
The Adobe Web site is cool, crisp and easy to navigate. It's a wonderful Web resource for people who work with images and text. This site should be bookmarked by anyone who is serious about "the personal computing experience," especially people who use a Mac.

HyperArchive Recent Summary
This page features an automatically updated list of the shareware and freeware files most recently added to the Info-Mac archives. It's very fast. File descriptions and downloads are accessed with a single mouse click.

MacInTouch is an excellent source for Macintosh news, updater notices, bug reports, product announcements, and links to media articles about Apple and Macs. The site's simple, elegant design is easy to read and it load quickly. MacInTouch is my browser's homepage, so it's always the first site I visit.

MetaTools is the very cool company that makes the Kai's PowerTools (KPT) Plugins, KPT Bryce, and KPT PowerGoo, just to name a few. This site is packed with tips & tricks for graphics and effects. Be sure to download the free demo plug-ins they offer!

Daily News Sites

Company Resources

Macintosh Resources

Mac Advocacy

Mac Publications

Link Pages

Shareware and Freeware

Other Fun Pages

[apple graphic] If you know of a great URL that's not listed here, please send it our way. The Page o' Links will be a permanent feature of the ATPM web site. We hope that it will serve as a jumping off point for all your surfing endeavors.

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