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ATPM 3.02
February 1997





Wishful Thinking

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Audacious Tidbits and Puckish Musings

This is how one of our editors defined the acronym A-T-P-M. We liked it because it sounded somewhat "continental" (we're not quite sure what that means, but some of us were having breakfast at the time). It did bring to mind that ATPM was created west of the Atlantic, south of the 45th-ish parallel and at least a wee bit north of "down under." We know that ATPM is read in many different places around the world and posted on computer bulletin boards in many regions where English is a prominent language. We're not quite sure what all that means either, so we'd like to hear from you, our loyal readers from whereever in the world you read this issue!

We'd like to know how you'd define A-T-P-M. The best responses will be published in our e-zine from time to time. We're also looking for ways to acknowledge our growing international readership, especially in Canada, Great Britain and Australia. We'd very much love hear about life with Macintosh in other areas of the world. Please send your stories, anecdotes, comments and insights to

Where on the Web is Armand's Band "Viego"?

We don't know. But it's probably because they don't use a Mac. If they did, their music would have more "Harmony." They'd also be listed in our newest section "The ATPM Page O' Links." Go ahead, take a peek inside.

Several months ago we began the daunting task of creating what we hope to someday call "The Quintessential World Wide Web Site Reference Guide for the Mac." We started this ambitious project by asking for your favorite Mac-related Web site recommendations. We were surprised (you might say flummoxed) by the number of responses we received! We did say that "shameless plugs" were OK, so in that great American tradition of blatant self-promotion, our e-mail box was filled with sites to visit. We were impressed with the quality of the Web work (after all, they were made with Macs, right?). We were also impressed with recommendations made by other readers who earnestly desired nothing more than to share a Mac-related Web site they found informative or fun. We are grateful to all for their contributions.

We're just bundling the basics of the project, so you may not see the site you recommended. Please consider our first edition more as the ATPM Page O' Links "micro-kernel." Figuratively speaking (and to sound neuvo-Apple cool!), we'll just call it the "foundation" of future efforts. We'll avoid any yellow- or blue-colored box explanations and we'll ensure that no matter what, our work will be readable with any Mac (and understandable to every user). There should be no reason to "Mach" our efforts...(sorry, we guess that wasn't really funny).

Check back from time to time and see our progress! And, please keep the recommendations coming! An ever-changing, electronic grotto of Web links Mac, is our motto!

One If By Land, Two If By Site... is coming. Actually, it's here! Our new Web site with all the electronic trimmings! It took a little while to get the new address up and going. InterNIC was a bit slow on the domain name registration. We can't imagine why. Who else has heard of the Internet other than our readers and the several million people who found one of those hard-to-come-by AOL disks?

From this moment on, you can find your favorite Internet e-zine at our new location For those of you who are slow to change bookmarks, our old Web site will have a forwarding link. Please stop by soon to see the enhanced home page and all the cool, new stuff!

A new Web site means new e-mail boxes, too. It will be easier to contact your favorite (or sometimes less-than-favorite) ATPM author or editor with that special word of praise, personal comment, insight or observation.

For easy reference, the new e-mail addresses are listed below:

Michael Tsai -
Robert Paul Leitao -
Mike Shields -
Robert Madill -
Belinda Wagner -

For convenience, we will also maintain our current America Online e-mail address,

We could say a lot more about our new Web site, but we think it cyber-speaks well for itself. We're excited about the new review search section, among other enhancements, so please stop by soon We appreciate your continuing support.

Graphically Speaking...

We plan to add a Graphics department to ATPM. It will include helpful hints, samples and step-by-step instructions using the latest in desktop software. (We'll have more information on this in a future issue.) We're excited about where things are moving. We have rather "graphic" designs for much, much more!

In the meantime, please enjoy!

The ATPM StaffApple

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