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ATPM 5.04
April 1999


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Yellowstone Desktop Pictures

While I am waiting for the download of pictures from I decided to write.

Rather that use the Desktop Pictures function of OS 8.5.1 I use ZMac’s Backsplash II. It allows me to have a new desktop picture every 5 minutes (adjustable). I now have 324 pictures to cycle through. I have used this program for several years now and would hate to be without it.

Bob Poland

The shareware utility Decor is also nice. —MT

* * *


I read your review of Future Cop and I think the game is Totally “A” material! I recently purchased the Fusion Thrustmaster USB gamepad for my Rev. A iMac, and now FutureCop totally Rocks! There is a place where you must transform into the HoverCraft. There are 6 or 7 gates that have to be opened quickly. Once I realized that the Hovercraft is faster than the Walker, I cruised thru on the 2nd try! My wife and I enjoy playing the 2-player mode when the kidz are in bed. She gets the gamepad, I get the scrawny keyboard! I am totally blown away by the speed, smoothness, and graphics of this truly Awesome game from EA! Oh, and lets not forget the incredibily low price ($20)!! I originally came here to see about writing a review or 2 in my spare time. I’m 35, married, both grads of Ohio University, iMac fanactics, 2 kidz! I like your site! Later!

Dan Hess

* * *

Whither Mac Applications?

While Jobs would say that there are 1000s of new apps released (since the iMac) I concur with you statement that there is still some apps not available for the Mac and the Mac world suffers from it

Here in Europe we are as games mad as you are and if you don’t have soccor game then kids just don’t want to know

Flight simulator game—Microsoft for once has a decent benchmark game here that’s kept its pilot wanabee fans. Where is the MS Flight Simulator for the Mac?

Flight Combat—I don’t care how realistic A-10 COMBAT is, compared to the best PC simulator games it’s like Pacman versus Quake (I await the release of Falcon) I want a flight combat game with top-notch realistic ground mapping and anti-aliased fighters (yes even if it means getting a 3D card or saying only an iMac or faster Mac will do). Not one that looks like the school of Origami.

A heavy duty database that’s great on a Mac server and has a decent Windows client (where are you Oracle?) so I can still support those few Windoze laggards.

Accounting programs—Where are the accounting software packages for the Mac? And I don’t mean Quicken. Apple needs to create a special group to nurture this forgotten tribe. As long as the CEO can see the bottom line details and it has good links to the server then nobody cares what the hell accounting uses to do the sums.

A low-end DTP package. On the Windows side there are MS Publisher and a few other DTP packages in addition to the default DTP/image editing CorelDraw. What about us who don’t have the reddies to buy QuarkXPress and Photoshop. Yes PhotoDeluxe is there but there is not a DTP equivilant. I’d like to see Macromedia and Quark bring out a low-end publishing bundle aimed at inkjet users and black & white laser printers. The new Adobe K2 pack looks great but does it have to cost the same to be taken seriously? Why not make the basic package cheap but sell the plug-ins aimed at the professionals like colour seperations and advanced layout controls? Make the tech support Web-based or have a set number of support calls before you start charging if that’s the reason they can’t sell to the rest of us

Worms—it’s a cult PC game like Lemmings. Steve this is your first persuasion task.


* * *

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