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April 1999


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Review: Benwin Flat Panel Speakers

by Daniel Chvatik,


Product Information
Produced by: Kwong Quest, LLC.
116 Coiner Court
City of Industry, CA 91748
Phone: (888) 9-BENWIN
List Price: $99 for speakers and subwoofer
Street Price: $89

System Requirements
A multimedia device with a standard 3.5 mm sound output jack

Everything around us seems to get more compact and beautiful, with the possible exception of SUVs and computer speakers. Why is it that computer speakers have to be so ugly, boxy, and—if you want to have nice sound—big?

A new generation of speakers, named “flat panel” for their design, promises to change the whole situation. In the age of miniaturization, this is an overdue development. Several manufacturers are beginning to introduce flat-panel speakers into mainstream computing. Benwin already has them on the market. The Benwin BW 2000 speaker system is small, stylish, and offers very good sound in a small and affordable package.

Flat panel speakers operate differently from traditional speakers. Instead of a cone and the movement of a diaphragm, they rely on a transducer that translates electric signals into a complex pattern of vibrations on a stiff, flat panel. This flat surface can be very small and very thin. It also offers the advantage of eliminating “hot spots.” Traditional speakers have their best sound quality right in front of the speaker, which degrades in volume and quality as you move to the side. Flat panel speakers, however, emit the sound at an even 360-degree angle. They sound just as good if you are standing on the side or behind the speakers.

The Speakers

The BW2000 is indeed very small. The speakers are a little larger than my hand, although I might have to add that I have big hands. They are no deeper than an inch, and most parts of the speakers are much thinner than that. With 0.59 lbs (270g) for the speakers and 2.2 lbs (1000g) for the subwoofer, they are also rather light. They came with two little desktop stands, but with the right accessories you could hang them on the wall. The two speakers are each connected to the central subwoofer by a single cable that splits into two parts, and allows each speaker to be no more than seven feet away from the base. The subwoofer itself has an on/off button with an LED to show power, a volume dial and a bass dial, as well as a button that enables the 3D effect. That button is a new addition to the speaker and replaces the headphone output. When activated, it produces an astonishingly real surround effect that makes you feel as if you were right in the middle of a set of speakers. Sometimes this slightly distorts the sound, but you can do away with most of that by turning down the volume a little. The whole system has an excellent design as you can judge yourself from the picture. If you don’t like the light gray of the speakers, Benwin will introduce a black version in April.

I had a little trouble in the beginning because the cable that connects the subwoofer to the computer seemed to be defective. I replaced it with my own cable, and everything worked fine. I contacted Benwin and they assured me that that was an exception. The sound quality of the speakers is very good and can satisfy the needs of most of us, with the exception of people who would not pay that little for a speaker system anyway. At the recently reduced price tag of $99 for the complete system, it is almost too good a deal to pass up on. So if you have too little space on your desktop or are searching for a good-looking set of speakers, I fully recommend the BW2000. If you have too much money, you just might want to get a second set for that radio in the living room!

AppleCopyright © 1999 Daniel Chvatik, Reviewing in ATPM 
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Reader Comments (8)

Bradley Smith · December 17, 2001 - 16:38 EST #1
My Benwin BW2000 Flat Panel Speakers just fell off the sides of my monitor after being attached for only 4 months. I used the sticky mounts which are no longer any good. How do I get the hinged mounts out of the speaker so that I can use the other mounts which sit on a flat surface such as a table or desk? Thanks, Brad Smith
Frank A hajvert · October 30, 2004 - 21:13 EST #2
The left plate fell the speaker. The glue lost it`s grip. mdl. no. BW2000-3D-SW. Three of the soft rubber dots are gone. I need parts to fix it. Can you help?
JAVIER URIBE · March 9, 2005 - 13:34 EST #3
Where can I get a new transformer for a BW2000
amy whyte · October 22, 2005 - 22:54 EST #4
I can't get my computer to recoginize my bw2000. Why? I already tried to enable IRQ for USB but it wasn't as simple you made it sound on you site. It didn't work.
Maurice Barthelemeau · February 22, 2006 - 18:47 EST #5
Well, I just recently purchased my new pair of BW2000. They were flipin awesome I mean the power dissipation is 21w, and the input voltage is dc 12v. The sound quality is amazing DUDE. BUT THEN, they fell off my desk and man its soo herd to make em work now. I had to buy new transgenic superdeeduper dual split amplifying system, but when that didnt work i called my my grandma, she said i should wrap them in aluminum foil and perform a secret spekear dance. The words go {OUSHABA BABA OUSHAA) i had to decorate them with exotic mongolian spices and after thet i met the god of spekears he descended and talked to me he told me that if i redeemed myself from my (bad speaker days) when i use to break speakers he would make my BW-2000's work. I performed my redeeming spiritual rituals and then the speker god made my BW's work. Im am soo happy now their sweet. (I had to keep the tin foil on though, i'm afraid it wont work if i take it off) other wise great product a definite buy. YEAH BABY.
E Jones · September 22, 2006 - 15:45 EST #6
I have owned my Bewin 2000 for over 10 years. I use them in a number of ways but I get the most favorable (I don't beleive the sound) comments when I play them connected to my MP3 player for a party. The last time was in a three bedroom, presidential, hotel suite. The sound is amazing for such a compact setup. I want to buy another set but I would prefer a flat (~1x9x9 inch) woofer for easier packing. If beter sound can be extracted from such a system even better.
Cory P. · February 20, 2009 - 08:52 EST #7
I lost my power cord/adapter DC 12V. What are the amps or specs to get the replacement cord. Where can I buy one?
John Mincher · June 7, 2009 - 09:20 EST #8
Will this system work on a TV? If so, what kind of plug does it have?

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