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ATPM 4.09
September 1998




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Apples, Kids & Attitude (ATPM 4.08)


You said exactly everything us parents out here are trying to tell our school districts—to stop buying PC’s! Ack!

Your article was inspiring and I will make sure I pass it on to others who haven’t a clue as to what they are doing to our kids education without the Macintosh to see them through.



* * *

Norton DiskDoubler Pro

Regarding your now somewhat dated review of Norton DiskDoubler Pro:

You might want to note that Symantec has stopped supporting DD Pro. It will not run under OS 8.x except for very limited uses, and Symantec has announced it has no future plans for the product.

Your review already mentioned that “Unfortunately, as Symantec acquired companies such as Peter Norton Computing, THINK, and Fifth Generation, their products’ evolutionary cycles seemed to slow down.”

You might want to add that as Symantec acquires companies it tends to kill them and kill their products, leaving their user base high and dry.


Joel Siegel

The review can be found at Although Joey is absolutely right—about the OS 8 incompatiblity and Symantec’s business practices—DiskDoubler remains a perfectly useful piece of software for System 7.x users. Unfortunately, it still offers compelling features that Aladdin’s StuffIt Deluxe package has yet to match. —MT

* * *

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