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ATPM 3.09
September 1997




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Welcome to the end-of-summer issue of ATPM. Although the days are getting shorter and the nights a little cooler, there's no shortfall of hot rumors about Apple and the Macintosh. No matter the weird media gyrations and spectacular corporate events, the Macintosh faithful have shown a kind "True Grit" the last two years and especially the past few months.

We're so impressed with the Mac faithful that we've dedicated this issue to the men and woman around the world who make Mac computing so much fun. In other words, to the many people who share their time, talents and stories with their fellow Mac users. In honor of these brave souls, this issue of ATPM includes a special Segments section. The stories you'll read are true and no names have been changed. It's an unbridled tribute to Mac enthusiasts who, in their own words, tell their personal and heartwarming Macintosh story. You won't be disappointed.

License to Kill
No, it's not James Bond. It's more like Steve Jobs. We won't call him 007, just double 00-2. That appears to be the number of Mac cloners remaining after the change in Apple's policies. While the company has been more forthcoming with answers since the "Power Deal," the negotiations were top secret. The situation has as much intrigue as one of Ian Fleming's better novels. We only hope that Steve Jobs has the golden touch (or, at least a "Goldfinger").

Romancing The Clone
Forgive us if we take a moment and think nostalgically about the early days of Macintosh clones. Way back then the air was filled with optimism about the PPC chip and the alliance of Apple, IBM and Motorola, three computer giants working together to make a better personal computing world. It was a romantic era for personal computer dreamers. What's happened since has been a Greek tragedy, a Roman epic and "Keystone Cops" comedy rolled into one. What do we think? Well, our view is that with Mac OS continually improving and Rhapsody nearing completion Apple's OSes are just getting better and better. It's our hope that things on the hardware side might get chipper a little quicker, and we'd also prefer that we had the chance to CHRP!

An Apple For The Teacher
Will I see youuu in Septemmmberrr or lose youuuu to a Wintel clone? Pardon us, but this updated lyric was on the minds of many teachers and children when the season's school bells first rang. What did they find in the computer labs? The real story. No matter the truth, our counterparts in the paid press keep missing the point - The Macintosh is the preeminent computer is America's public schools (by a blow-out margin). End of story.

Why do so many schools stay with Macintosh? We heard one teacher recently put it this way: "It's our job to prepare kids for what they will be using tomorrow, not what people are using today." Like we said, end of story.

Aladdin's Magic Lamp
You've heard of the crystal ball? Thanks to the proliferation of cable, we also have psychic hot lines. But we'll take our chances with more reliable sources of information, such as the fine folks at Aladdin Systems. With their success in the Macintosh market it's no wonder they have a magic lamp as a logo. Some of their products are so good you'd think they were made by genies!

This month ATPM is proud to present an interview with Jennifer Lyng, Public Relations Manager at of Aladdin Systems. We were pleasantly surprised by some of the responses to our questions. It's an interesting read and you'll find that nothing about Aladdin Systems should "rub" you the wrong way. If you think Stuffit is cool, just wait until you hear about their latest bits of "magic." Details inside!

One Final Note
The world of Mac computing has seen many changes the past few months. There's little doubt more changes will be forthcoming as Apple Computer continues to redesign itself, its products and its place in today's computer world. Let's take a moment to remember that while the new era of instantaneous communication can be fun, this "brave new world" of e-talk can also lead to sensational, unfounded rumors being distributed around the world in less time than it takes to read this paragraph.

With all the advancements in technology, one fact has yet to change: behind every Macintosh is a unique human being with special hopes, dreams, talents and aspirations. We use our Macs to communicate, to learn and to earn . There are hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, of people whose livelihood depends on Macintosh and Mac OS. Incomplete information about those markets, no matter how well intended, impact individual and corporate buying decisions, which can change companies' directions overnight. People's lives are disrupted and entire industries can change.

We salute those who seek to find out what's going on behind the scenes and "behind closed doors." We believe they provide the Mac community an important service. However, until news is confirmed by reputable sources, rumors are just that, rumors. The spreading of rumors of incomplete information as if they were fact may sometimes hinder things that a little bit of patience and forbearance might ordinarily help. Enough said.

The reality of personal computing is already "stranger than fiction." We think it'll probably stay that way. We hope to continue being there with you.

The ATPM StaffApple

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