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September 1997




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Segments: Slices From the Macintosh Life

by Lee Walls, Jr.,

The School Computer Lab

For background, I'm a graphics and pre-press systems manager for a group of newspapers and that means, obviously, Macintosh. In turn, we have a couple of Macs at home, one being mine and the other belongs to my wife and daughters.

My oldest daughter, then six, came home from school one day and seemed a bit down. At dinner I asked her if everything was okay and she said that she had not had a great day. (I kind of grinned wondering exactly how bad of a day a six-year-old could have in kindergarten.) She reminded me that they have Apple computers in each of the classrooms and then explained that today was their first day to go the actual computer lab. I told her that that sounded exciting and asked how it went. She looked down for several seconds and when she raised her head to look at me I saw that tears were welling up. She explained, as she started to cry, that it wasn't fun at all and she couldn't find a single computer that had a little Apple on it.

Blue AppleThe Segments section is open to anyone. If you have something interesting to say about life with your Mac, write us at <>.

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