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ATPM 13.04
April 2007





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Color Calibration Capers

Thanks. I’ve never had the nerve to mess with calibration. I figured it was for the real pros. Armed with your article I could boldly dive in.

My second monitor is a refurbished (cheap) Mitsubishi Diamondtron. It always seemed to have a lemon-tint to it, but it never occured to me that I could fix that. Well today, on that screen, my photos look awesome.

—Robert Ballantyne

Congrats with the calibration!

You can rest easy about your second monitor. Even at work where I have my primary monitor calibrated by a pro service bureau, I only do quickie calibrations on my second monitor because all I ever put over there are my palettes and both my e-mail and instant messenger windows. Color is of no matter to me on that monitor. But I’m glad you managed to get yours looking better!

—Lee Bennett

• • •

We just got a new Intel iMac at the office. When I attempt to calibrate, the Apple is sitting on a background comprised of black and white horizontal lines! But the Apple is a solid tone. It is impossible to make the apple disappear into the graphic lined background. What gives?

—Larry Lazzardo

The trick is to make the logo seem to blend into the background. You’ll want to pay attention to the interface’s message that says it helps to sit back and squint your eyes a little bit. You’re basing this calibration on having the logo’s color be a closely blended match to the background. If you look sharply at the pixels, it is harder. Relax your eyes and let the image blur a little bit, and you’ll do better.

—Lee Bennett

ScanSnap S500m

I’ve had a ScanSnap S500 for about four months now. I agree with your excellent review. It’s the bomb. One thing you might try however, is a new PDF manager that’s seduced me away from DEVONthink. It’s called DocumentWallet, and I like it even better than DEVONthink, which is very good in its own right. For my purposes as an attorney, DocumentWallet is more intuitive and easier to organize my cases. It’s like an iPhoto for documents, only much more responsive than iPhoto. Plus, it costs about a third of the price of DEVONthink as I recall. I have no connection to the developer of DocumentWallet.

—Neil Chapman

• • •

I have an earlier model of the ScanSnap. I agree wholeheartedly with your review. I emptied boxes and boxes of academic journal articles that traveled with me for years as I relocated several tmes; also, scanned tax records, etc. It’s fast and the duplex mode is great. E-mailing PDF documents from within Acrobat is a great timesaver. Its small footprint and simplicity is very Mac-like. Highly recommended.

—J. Renders

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