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ATPM 4.11
November 1998



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Reviews of HTML Editors

I read your reviews in the latest ATPM for HTML editors and in my mind I had no doubt whatsoever that you would include Claris Home Page in your reviews. Well, I was disappointed. No, actually I was really really disappointed. I have used this program for two years. Not only is it made by a company associated with Apple its also the easiest program out there for people like myself who do not want to learn the code language. Over the past two years I have picked up a little code here and there to help me along and tweak if need be. Now I am a person who likes a nice Web page with a little Java and a few bells and whistles. This program is probably not for the “experts” out there that need a lot of bells and whistles on there sites. In my opinion, you left out the one program that us “lay” people really like. They even have a Web site that I frequent often. And I was able to take a course on the Web for Claris Home Page to better understand it. Tsk Tsk.

Robin Poupore

A reader of ATPM since like forever and a Mac enthusiast extremist.

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Adobe Photoshop 5.0 or 4.5

Definitely 4.5.

As a Mac user, Adobe is slowly starting to annoy me. They seem to more and more want to ignore the Mac base of customers that built Adobe...releasing Windows versions first or only, and skimping on upgrades so that they can bring out new products, like ImageReady.

I have already begun doing my “Consumer thing” against Adobe. Did not upgrade AdobePageMill 2 to version 3. Bought GoLive CyberStudio instead. No longer using Adobe Illustrator to do my illustrations (still have version 6.02) and am using Freehand 8.01 instead.

Adobe does not seem to want Apple customers anymore, so I can live without all Adobe products...except Photoshop...and if Painter would only figure out how to make the use of layers as simple and smooth as in Photoshop, good-bye Photoshop!

Charles Kaufman

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