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June 1997




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Wishful Thinking

by Robyn Lyons,

Ahhhhhh. I can picture it now.

Mix a little bit of the 1984 commerical with a little of this and a little of that. It starts out with all the zombies from the 1984 commercial, walking around staring at a huge set of TV Screens. They are watching a news bit, staring intently as she rattles on:

“Apple Computer stock has plummeted a full point in recent weeks. We attribute this to the troubled times and sure demise of a once prominant computer company...”

All of a sudden the screen goes dark and the words “Oh Yea” accomanied by a voice appear. Then in a big explosion you hear fast paced music and many images screaming by. Pictures of people playing Doom, surfing the Internet, children writing reports, the happy Mac icon, startup chimes, newscasters talking about the new OS and Apple rising influence, and bits of commercials gone by.

Then as quickly as it started, it all stops, and you see a man in a study sitting at a Macintosh putting a CD on and playng Bach. He says, “Apple Computer. A new way to do new things.”, as you hear the CD begin to play.

[apple graphic] Wishful Thinking is a space for Mac enthusiasts who know exactly what Apple’s advertising should be. Did you come up with a great advertising tag line? Have you had a Mac campaign stewing in the back of your mind for a year now? Send your ideas, or your art, to

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