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ATPM 3.07
July 1997


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Wishful Thinking

by tygriffin,

Here’s an ad for Apple:

A family is going down its checklist of items to get their kid about to go to college. computer - check stereo/CD - check TV - check artpad - check.

Between each “check” there’s a clip of the student using his Mac to do his homework, play his CDs, draw, and watch TV. The last clip is him/her hosting a ’70's party in his dorm room, playing a CD of the Ohio Players’ “Flashlight” on his PowerMac, pumping the music through external speakers.

Trust me, “Flashlight” blows away Intel’s “Play that funky music” 8 days out of 7.

Shameless plug: stop by my web site at

[apple graphic] Wishful Thinking is a space for Mac enthusiasts who know exactly what Apple’s advertising should be. Did you come up with a great advertising tag line? Have you had a Mac campaign stewing in the back of your mind for a year now? Send your ideas, or your art, to

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