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August 1997



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Wishful Thinking

by George Lacy,

Open on a computer store and a guy is looking at laptops.

A guy goes into a computer store to purchase a laptop for a multimedia presentation. The presentation is happening at 3:00pm in the afternoon on the same day. The current time is 1:45pm when the decision is made on which laptop to buy after looking at several.

Next are scenes switching between clocks and waiting for the laptop to have extra RAM installed by the service department, checking out (and being hasseled by the credit card company) and driving through heavy traffic (past a car fire) back to the office to pick up the business partner.

Finally at the office the partner unboxes the new laptop. The guy changes quickly into “presentation” clothing, presentation material is quickly gathered, and they are out the door. More scenes switching between a clock and the previous action, more driving, and more traffic. Arriving with only a minute to spare, they greet the person to be presented, go to conference room, plug in in the laptop, watch the extensions load up, load the CD-ROM, and bingo! The multimedia presentation goes perfectly!

Everybody is smiling!

Close on the Apple logo.

Tag line: “When you have to get the real work done... There is only one computer and one OS, the Apple Macintosh!”

How do I know? ’cause I’m the guy. Nothing extra was needed to run the presentation, just electricity.

[apple graphic] Wishful Thinking is a space for Mac enthusiasts who know exactly what Apple’s advertising should be. Did you come up with a great advertising tag line? Have you had a Mac campaign stewing in the back of your mind for a year now? Send your ideas, or your art, to

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