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ATPM 3.06
June 1997




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3.06 / June 1997
Volume 3, Number 6


About This Particular Macintosh: About the personal computing experience™

Cover Art

“Summer Preview”
© 1997 Jamal Ghandour:
We need new cover art every month! Write to us!


Tom Beadling
Jamal Ghandour
Edward Goss
Robert Paul Leitao
Tom Lovino
Robyn Lyons
Robert Madill
Chad Poland
Mike Shields
Michael Tsai
A.T. Wong
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Publishers - Michael Tsai & Robert Paul Leitao
Editor - Michael Tsai
Managing Editor - Robert Paul Leitao
Opinions Editor - Mike Shields
Reviews Editor - Robert Madill
Copy Editor - Belinda Wagner
Cover Story Editor - Vacant
Shareware Reviews Editor - Vacant
Staffwriter - H.M. Fog

Subscription Manager - Robert Paul Leitao
Webzingers - Evan Trent & Michael Tsai
Beta Testers - The Staff


Robert Paul Leitao
Chad Poland
Mike Shields
Michael Tsai
Belinda Wagner


In Charge of Design -Michael Tsai
Graphics Designer - Jamal Ghandour
Blue Apple Icon Designs - Marc Robinson
Typewriter Style Section Headers - RD Novo
Splash Screen - Jamal Ghandour based on work by
Matt Sanders

The Tools

BBEdit 4.0.4
ClarisWorks 4.0v5
DOCMaker 4.7.5
Emailer 2.0v1
Illustrator 6
Kai’s PowerTools 3.1
Photoshop 4
SpellCatcher 1.5.7

The Fonts

Gill Sans
Isla Bella

Where to Find ATPM

Online and downloadable issues are
available at the ATPM Web Page:

America Online : search “atpm”
Info-Mac and all its Mirrors
Any others? Let us know!

ATPM is an MT/RPL Production
© 1995-97, All Rights Reserved


Articles and original art cannot be reproduced without the express permission of ATPM, unless otherwise noted. Authors may be contacted through ATPM’s editorial staff, or at their e-mail addresses when provided.

The Legal Stuff

About This Particular Macintosh may be uploaded to any online area or BBS, so long as the file remains intact and unaltered, but all other rights are reserved. All information contained in this issue is correct to the best of our knowledge. So, the first person to notify us of a spelling, typographical, or editorial error in this issue will receive mention in ATPM for their trouble. We’d give you free stuff, but unless you want yet another free AOL startup disk, we don’t have anything to give you. The opinions expressed in ATPM are not necessarily those of this particular Macintosh. Product and company names and logos may be registered trademarks of their respective companies. About This Particular Macintosh is published with DOCMaker 4.7.5, and owes its existence to the program’s author, Mark Wall. May his camels never have fleas. Thank you for reading this far, and we hope that the rest of the magazine is more interesting than this.

Thanks for reading ATPM.

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