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ATPM 17.01
January 2011


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ShareTool 2.1.2

So, I guess everyone leaves their machines up and running at all times? Sounds like a good use of electricity.

—Mike Deme

Not everyone. Certainly this software isn’t suited for those who don’t wish (or need) to leave a computer on at home. In my case, I run a photo album Web server, and I’ve calculated that I spend less per month in electricity on this machine than I would spend for hosting service elsewhere with 100+ gigabytes of storage.

Naturally, your (and everyone else’s) mileage may vary.

—Lee Bennett

Sophosticated Follower of Invasion

There are two unsatisfactory things I found:

  1. I had a kernel panic (i.e., the Mac shut itself down) which I suspect is due to Sophos or some interaction with Sophos. I have not had a kernel panic from OS X for many years.
  2. When a file is detected as having a virus, Sophos signals a fatal error to whatever accessed it. So I was copying a folder full of files and one of the files had a virus. The whole copy was killed. Usually, there is just a message about the error and it asks whether to stop or to continue.


Here There Be Dragons

As far as I can remember, Write was not the parent project of Word. They were parallel projects. There was a time where coexisted Word for DOS, Word for Mac, Works (whose word processing module became, with some features more, Write), and later Word for Windows, that also replaced the old, trusty Word 5.1 for Mac with the unusable Word 6 that you describe in “The Bad….”

—Paolo Tramannoni

OmniFocus, TaskPaper, and Things

Great article. I’ve used all three and prefer TaskPaper over the other two. As stated, the strengths of OmniFocus and Things are also their weakness. It just takes too long to get information in/out of them. TaskPaper is flexible and fast!

In addition, TaskPaper now has both iPhone and iPad apps with full synchronization between the three using SimpleText. I believe that SimpleText will be replaced with DropBox for syncing in a future release.


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