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ATPM 17.01
January 2011


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17.01 / January 2011
Volume 17, Number 1


About This Particular Macintosh: About the personal computing experience™

Cover Art

Copyright © 2011 Simon Griffee. We need new cover art each month. Write to us!

The ATPM Staff

Publisher/Editor Michael Tsai
Managing Editor Christopher Turner
Reviews Editor Paul Fatula
Web Editor Lee Bennett
Copy Editors Chris Lawson
  Linus Ly
  Ellyn Ritterskamp
  Brooke Smith
Webmaster Michael Tsai
Beta Testers The Staff
Contributing Editors Eric Blair
  Ed Eubanks Jr.
  Matthew Glidden
  Andrew Kator
  Robert Paul Leitao
  Wes Meltzer
  Sylvester Roque
  Mark Tennent
  Evan Trent
  Frank H. Wu

Artwork & Design

Layout and Design Michael Tsai
Web Design Simon Griffee
Cartoonists Matt Johnson, Linus Ly
Blue Apple Icons Mark Robinson
Other Art RD Novo
Graphics Director Vacant


RD Novo, Robert Madill, Belinda Wagner, Jamal Ghandour, Edward Goss, Tom Iovino, Daniel Chvatik, Mike Shields, Grant Osborne, Gregory Tetrault, Raena Armitage, Johann Campbell, David Ozab, Ted Goranson, Andrew Kator, Charles Ross.


Jay Feuillet, Matt Johnson, Robert Paul Leitao, Linus Ly, Wes Meltzer, Sylvester Roque, Mark Tennent, Macintosh users like you*.


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Where to Find ATPM

Online and downloadable issues are available at the ATPM Web Site. ATPM is a product of ATPM, Inc. © 1995–2011. All Rights Reserved. ISSN: 1093-2909.

Production Tools

Acorn, Apache, AppleScript, BBEdit, Docutils, DropDMG, FileMaker Pro, Git, GraphicConverter, LaTeX, make, Mailman, MySQL, Name Mangler, optipng, PyMesh, PyObjC, Python, rsync, Snapz Pro X, ssh, TextMate.


Articles, original art, and desktop pictures may not be reproduced without the express permission of the author or artist, unless otherwise noted. You may, however, print or distribute copies of this issue of ATPM as a whole, provided that it is not modified in any way. Authors may be contacted through ATPM’s editorial staff, or at their e-mail addresses, when provided.

Legal Stuff

About This Particular Macintosh may be uploaded to any online area or included on a CD-ROM compilation, so long as the file remains intact and unaltered, but all other rights are reserved. All information contained in this issue is correct to the best of our knowledge. The opinions expressed in ATPM are not necessarily those of the entire ATPM staff. Product and company names and logos may be registered trademarks of their respective companies. Thank you for reading this far, and we hope that the rest of the magazine is more interesting than this.

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Thanks for reading ATPM.

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