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June 2010





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I use TaskPaper and like it despite its lack of scheduling. That is because I have a fairly monotonous weekly routine. I would be very interested in hearing from anyone who is using TaskPaper for things other than a task manager. Is anyone using it as a snippet collector for example?


• • •

In combination with a tagging application, Yep, I now use TaskPaper for all my miscellaneous notes everywhere on my computer. Why? Because when I used paper, I always created my notes in the typical outline form, just like TaskPaper does.

Using Yep I keep track of all TaskPaper documents. I don’t sync them with my iPhone; they’re just notices usually residing with a project of some kind.

I do sync the few I’m currently working on, and my general errands and todo lists. I never know when inspiration may strike.

For those lightning strike ideas, then WriteRoom enters the picture on both my iMac and my iPhone.

—Terry Norton

• • •

I like your take on TaskPaper and your enthusiasm for it very much. I referenced this in my post today: Break Up Your App Consistency.

—Craig Swanson

• • •

TaskPaper is, by far and above, the favorite application on my iPod touch. I use it primarily to jot down ideas about books I’m working on. For that it is perfect. You mention that but you fail to explain why that is so.

One of TaskPaper’s most marvelous features is the auto-synching between the iPhone and Mac versions. Any note I take down on my Touch will appear on my iMac and MacBook without my having to remember to do anything. As hassle prevention, that feature alone is worth its weight in gold.

I’ve toyed with Things and similar products, but I find that by trying to hard to be good to-do list managers, they’ve become poor idea managers. By being more general, TaskPaper works better for managing notes and ideas.

—Mike Perry

“Something” in the Way We Work

Of course no one will use Mac. (grin)

Everyone knows everyone uses Windows, and Windows is the most successful computer system in the world!

Seriously, from your company experience, it begins to look as if much of the small-business computer infrastructure in this country is degrading, i.e., to upgrade to Windows 7 you must replace the existing hardware (most older XP machines cannot run well under Windows 7); then upgrade or replace the office software; then retrain the users and the support staff. I’d guess this is a time and financial burden most small businesses will not opt into, but eventually will be forced into.

—aka Graybyrd

• • •

Dude, I’m a Mac guy since 1985 and I’m trying to help you when I say, “Don’t be ‘that guy.’”


• • •

Go to Ultimate Boot CD, download the ISO image, and burn a CD. Boot the Windows machine with the CD, select offline password editing, and reset the password.

—Edward W. Baptist

Laptop Armor Aluminum

But I thought the whole point of aluminium suitcases was that they get dented and scratched…it all adds to the “world traveler” image!

I had one of these for a 13″ MacBook and really liked it: very robust and good looking, and it encouraged me not to take too much junk along.

—Julian Templeman

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