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ATPM 16.05
May 2010




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CoPilot Live’s Wheels Within Wheels

If you think playing hide the device in Windows is fun, then try the even more fun game of “forget the device” that happens when you plug the memory stick into a different USB port. It’s the “Windows has found a new device. Do you want to insert the install disc now, or shall I search the Internet?” game.


Hydra 2.1.3

That’s a very nice and detailed analysis—that you very much for taking the time to explain the issues you’ve personally faced while attempting HDR images using Hydra!

—Ananda Pal

Coping With Mac OS X’s Font Rendering

Any news of what the new iPad is like in terms of the blurry font problem? Is it better than the laptops and desktops?


The rendering is the same, but the fonts look somewhat better on the iPad because the screen has a higher resolution. On the other hand, the user has far less control over which fonts are used.

—Michael Tsai

• • •

Bad news on the iPad, at least for me. I played with one this afternoon at the Apple store in Palo Alto, and the font rendering seemed at least as bad as it is on Macs. Reading text on sites like NYTimes, my eyes couldn’t establish a focus, which was annoying and even a bit painful. Some fonts were a bit better, but in the end I found the product very unpleasant to use.

—Scott Lowry

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