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ATPM 13.07
July 2007





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I just discovered your magazine and am enjoying it immensely. I recently started going through your archives starting from the oldest issue. My first Mac was an original 128K Mac from 1984 that I bought at Computerland. I still have it and it still works.

Thanks for the great magazine!


Who Needs an iPod?

I was really intrigued by the description of your column in the table of contents, but after reading it I wish you would have written more more about why you seem to have outgrown your iPod. That an exponentially larger music library would lead you to using a device (a mobile phone) that holds less music and plays for a shorter time seems counter-intuitive, but obviously it’s the case for you and probably others. Was it a change in lifestyle, or your attitude toward music, or a weariness toward carrying a lot of gadgets, or what exactly? It would be interesting to read why you think your tastes or needs have changed so much in such a (relatively) short time.


I originally stopped using my iPod because I didn’t like having earphones in all the time and prefer listening to a loud speaker, even in mono. It was deciding what to use as a ring tone that made me use my phone’s MP3 player. Personally I’d like a phone that goes “ring ring,” but apparently that’s unfashionable. So currently it’s Iggy Pop’s The Passenger. :-)

Then, as you say, a pocket full of gadgets becomes tiresome so one small device that can do it all is appealing.

—Mark Tennent


I must say that your publication, driven by will and dedication, is far more than I could do. For this, I thank you for a great site! Please don’t quit. For every one of these attaboys, there has to be a thousand more who also appreciate but didn’t write. For this, I’m sure!

Ciao, from bella Italia,

—John McMahon

One of Leopard’s Hot Spots

iChat seems like a great solution if all one’s clients are on Macs. But in 19 years of doing design—on a Mac—I’ve never had a client who used a Mac. To my knowledge, iChat doesn’t work with PCs. Without seeking out clients who are Mac-based just because they are Mac-based, how do I take advantage of this technology with my PC-based clients?

—Lawrence Standifer Stevens

Skype may not have the upcoming iChat Theater features, but for simply videoconferencing, it works beautifully across both platforms.

—Lee Bennett

Aluminum Desktop Stand

I am amazed that both ATPM and the Mac magazines have overlooked the best of all the laptop stands: the “Kamas” stands with finned heat sinks. The Japanese company has designed them for the MacBook and MacBook Pro. Thus the newest model solves the problem of the blocked CD slot.

It is made of beautifully machined metal. The Japanese company has been making them much longer than the johnny-come-latelys who have cobbled together stuff that has appeared on the market in the last couple of years. You can see pictures here.

—Mario S. De Pillis, Sr.

If you can convince them to send me a review model, I will be more than happy to review it. Most of the time—and it’s sad that the industry is this way, but it is—the products that get reviewed are the ones that have PR departments working on their behalf. Otherwise, very few people know about them, or people do know about them but the manufacturer is, for whatever reason, unwilling or unable to provide a model for review.

—Chris Lawson

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Timothy McGonagle · July 19, 2007 - 08:40 EST #1
The Griffen laptop stand is my choice, very portable and allows for space under stand for cordless keyboard.

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