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March 2007




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A Survey of the GTD App Landscape

Great stuff! I am using this article to update my own list of GTD applications which happens to be divided into offline and online categories as well. I found quite a few on here (mostly new or in beta) that I didn’t think to include yet. Thanks for your time to write so many useful short reviews of these great GTD products. I’ll keep an eye on future articles on here with more in-depth info about these GTD apps!

As some of you may know I am trying to compile the Ultimate GTD Index.

For people who are only looking for a simple list of hyperlinks to GTD apps (but no reviews, yet) check out the GTD Index. It will also keep you informed about the latest posts on many GTD blogs out there!

Because as has been remarked above, the GTD landscape is growing every day and it becomes harder and harder for GTD enthusiasts/professionals to keep track of all the relevant and interesting information about GTD.


MoRU 1.3.4

Just to mention—two other similar apps are Meta and HoudahSpot.

MoRU seems pretty capable though (trying it out now), and is the cheapest—the others are $20 each. The pre-built search templates in Moru seem pretty useful, and not just a gimmick (Office files, iTunes music, etc.)

—Steve Lang

• • •

The thing I most like about MoRU is that you can perform tasks against the search result. Spotlight searches provide the result, but you can’t do anything from the Spotlight window—it is a read-only function. MoRU, I can delete, move files, rename, etc.

So, all the power of Spotlight, plus the ability to actually do some file maintenance with the results.

—Kirk Rheinlander

Prada Phone

I love this site, I really do. But I thought this would be the last of places to continue saying “ZOMG THE PRADA FONE IS A RIPOFF IPHONE.”

It’s not. It existed before the iPhone was announced. Please.

—Alex H

Because it’s really impossible for anyone (even the insiders at companies) to determine when exactly a product is prototyped, announced, or redesigned, it is really only practical to go by the official public announcement dates.

It is arguable that the Prada Phone existed before the iPhone announcement, but did the iPhone exist before the Prada Phone? We do know Apple worked on it for at least two years and that it’s possible LG and Prada made modifications to their phone after seeing the announced iPhone look and feel. Or someone can argue that perhaps Apple modeled the iPhone after LG’s phone. We really can’t known for certain.

I am sure Microsoft can/might argue that many OS X innovations had existed in Vista before, even though Vista only shipped recently.

Either way, the important issue is not whether a phone rips off the iPhone, but whether another company can produce a phone better than the iPhone (or better than whatever it is Apple will show the world in June).

—Angus Wong

“A rose by any other name…”

I use my iPod almost daily. I’ve been looking forward to a new iPod with a bigger screen and at least 40GB of on board storage. I just signed up for two more years with Verizon and got a new V3M Razor for my primary line and moved my LG VX7000 to my wife’s line. We have been Verizon customers for over ten years now, and I’m not switching to get a piece of hardware that has redundant features I don’t want.

I’ll probably just go buy a 80GB iPod and wait out this madness. It looks so good but I refuse to pay a $175 cancellation fee and then pay $1,200 for being an early adopter. I’ve got an 22″ Cinema Display I paid $2,500 for when they hit the market. Less than a year later, Apple cut the price by half and phased them out.

Once burned, twice shy. I don’t think Steve Jobs is thinking about the tens of thousands of hard-working, loyal Apple Customers when he tells you that you will buy a two-year deal from Cingular and $500-$600 for his newest gadgets.

Some of us save all year for that new Mac Pro desktop or MacBook for our small businesses and don’t own $1,000 cell phones. I think the little guy is out of luck this go-around. You remember him? He bought over 70 million iPods from you.

—Grover Watson

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Reader Comments (3)

Amber Vaesca · March 2, 2007 - 11:40 EST #1
It seems like it has been a *long* time since there has been a Outliner column. That was one of the only reasons I read this magazine, I do hope it hasn't be cancelled.
Ted Goranson (ATPM Staff) · March 2, 2007 - 13:52 EST #2

No, ATPO hasn't moved away, temporarily or permanently.

We promised a survey of writing features, and as you know we like to do a good job.

Its taking longer than we planned. Never fear, we intend to pull a treasure out of the cave soon.

Amber Vaesca · March 12, 2007 - 12:56 EST #3
Fantastic. :)

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