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ATPM 5.09
September 1999



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Welcome to the September issue of About This Particular Macintosh ! We’re proud of the latest release of your favorite all-Mac monthly Internet magazine. This month’s Audacious Tidbits and Puckish Musings cover it all from the big stuff to the small! Our well-respected e-zine now comes in five different flavors—Yum! Please visit our Web site for more info on the exciting changes at ATPM and the many different formats in which you can receive each month’s issue.

One if by Land, Two if by Seybold

Most American school children remember the story of Paul Revere’s ride through the countryside warning villagers and farmer that “the British are coming.” It’s too bad (hee, hee) Mr. Jobs didn’t give the fine folks at Intel a similar warning about Apple’s new G4s. At last month’s Seybold convention Apple’s iCeo fired a shot heard around the world by announcing an Apple supercomputer in a minitower box.

While some skeptics claim the new G4s are no more than a small step in the PC industry’s evolution, many observers see Apple’s new computers as the start of a new technology revolution. Apple is the first PC company to market home computers that can complete more than one billion calculations per second. The editors of ATPM predict that these super-fast PCs will accelerate Apple’s market growth and increase the company’s earning per share. If this really is a revolution we’re happy Apple “has only begun to fight!”

Don’t Bug Me!

News reports indicate that the Justice Department is working on legislation that would allow law enforcement agencies to “bug” computers by disabling encryption programs on the PCs used by suspected criminals. It’s the new millennium’s version of the old-fashioned wiretap. Civil libertarians decry the Justice Department’s efforts as little more than a high-tech invasion of privacy. Please e-mail your congressional representative and senators to let them know what you think about this controversial legislation.

Speaking of “bugs”...

What’s Up, Doc?

That’s the question we posed to Ambrosia Software ’s marketing manager. Warner Bros. might have Bugs Bunny, but the Mac community has Jason “Bugs” Whong. In a unique PR pitch, Jason has offered to eat real bugs at Macworld Expo New York in 2000 if any of Ambrosia’s new games ship with any creepy, crawly errors. Not wishing to munch alone, Mr. Whong has invited representatives of other software companies to add their names to his “bug free” pledge.

In an exclusive e-interview with the ATPM staff, Jason admits that honey roasted bugs might be “yummier” than the live variety. Roasted or raw we think Ambrosia Software’s marketing manager has cooked up an interesting challenge for his company and its competitors.

Our Kind of Guy

Jason’s gastronomic gesture has earned him the honor of being ATPM’s first unofficial “Our Kind of Guy.” We can’t think of anyone who deserves the honor more than he does. As the first recipient of our dubious award, Jason will receive an honorary ATPM t-shirt. In the spirit of Mac sportsmanship, the members of the ATPM staff will ship Jason and the members of Ambrosia’s staff a dozen honey-glazed donuts (conveniently shaped like an “0”) for each new release that ships with zero bugs. We think it will it give the expression “let them eat cake” a whole new meaning.

For readers with a more discriminating palate, we offer our t-shirts for the “bug-free” price of $20.00. Ed Goss, ATPM’s trivia columnist and T-shirt quartermaster, has also caught the “bug.” Please check out this month’s trivia column for your chance to win.


We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to comment on Motorola’s recent acquisition of Metrowerks. Long-time Mac users may recall that Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior products helped software companies make the development transition from 68K Macs to the PowerPC.

In recent years Metrowerks has diversified its products to include development tools for all the major PC platforms, including Linux. Some Mac developers had hoped Apple would acquire Metrowerks and offer CodeWarrior for the Mac as part of the company’s application development tools. We do hope Motorola’s resources and expertise will benefit the engineers working on the next generation of CodeWarrior products.

Three-Headed Monkeys?

Has P.T. Barnum come back to life? This is what many critics are asking about the free iMac promotion. In this issue’s Apple Cider, Tom Iovino takes a Mac fanatic’s look at this controversial giveaway. We wonder, too, if the offer is true. Check out Tom’s column for his spirited and well-written opinion on the matter.

MORE or Less?

When it comes to evaluating software, ATPM’s publisher and editor is a responsible kind of guy. Michael Tsai is well known for his in-depth understanding of application software and his level-headed commentary on what works and what sometimes doesn’t work. In September’s Personal Computing Paradigm, Michael puts the re-release of MORE to the test. Is it MORE or less what one should expect? Read Michael’s column for the definitive answer.

Do You Want to Go to Monaco?

Doesn’t everyone? If a long-distance call is “the next best thing to being there,” Daniel Chvatik’s desktop pictures bring one an extra step closer. Daniel’s new monthly column features different and exciting things about the Web. This month Daniel offers some cool color views along with his offbeat Web news.

Review Zoo

ATPM was created to celebrate the “personal computing experience.” We pride ourselves on providing software reviews that can be understood by Mac users of all ages and experience levels. Our sometimes zany style has won of hearts and minds of readers the world over. This month’s reviews include:


Please enjoy our latest issue!

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