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September 1999



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Review: iMacolor & iCalc

by Brooke Smith,

If you’re a color-coordinated person, you’ll be happy about two new applications for your iMac—the kind that would make Martha Stewart proud. Both iMacolor and iCalc allow color-coordination for those who deem desktop decoration an important part of personal computing.

verynice iMacolor 1.1

Published by: Hide Itoh


Price: free

File Size: 125K

Requirements: Mac OS 8.0 or later.


First, iMacolor. This little control panel allows you to change the color of your Apple menu icon, as well as the look and color of your trash can. It’s kind of neat. Instead of the rainbow Apple icon, you can get one solid color icon, and instead of the “Oscar the Grouch” silver trash can, you can get a funky, see-through receptacle with color top and swinging lid. If there’s trash, the lid swings open and papers can be seen inside.

You can choose from the five flavors of the iMac, Bondi (for owners of the original iMac), Java Brown, or Dark Gray. Just click the Flavor menu and choose. You can even choose to have one color for the Apple menu icon and a different one for the trash can. iMacolor

If there’s one drawback to iMacolor it’s that in order to see these color changes, you need to restart the system. Basically, this is only an inconvenience for extremely high-maintenance Mac users. Despite this, iMacolor is just fine for those who want to color their world.


verynice iCalc 1.0.2

Published by: Sideways Design


Price: Shareware, $5

File Size: 1.2 MB

Requirements: System 7.5 or later.


Similarly, iCalc adds a little color too. Sideways Design’s iCalc is the new calculator for the iMac, which replaces the original Mac desktop calculator. iCalc was developed under Mac OS 8.6, but it should be able to run on a 7.5 system or higher. Unlike iMacolor, there’s no restarting the system in order to see the color change because iCalc is an application. And because it’s an application, it includes the drag and drop feature. iCalc allows you to drag the calculation from the calculator and drop it into another application. You can even make a clipping on the desktop if you need to.

The color choices are similar to iMacolor—Tangerine, Blueberry, Strawberry, Lime and Grape, as well the as the original Bondi. Just click the Flavor menu and choose.

In the latest version (1.02) text color is now the same as the calculator (i.e. if the iCalc is Strawberry, the numbers will be Strawberry). The PowerPC RAM requirement has been lowered from 1280K to 960K, and Command + “w” has been added to give users another quitting option.

There’s no stopping this little application. Already in the works for future versions are the iBook versions of Blueberry and Tangerine.

apple Copyright ©1999 Brooke Smith, Reviewing in ATPM is open to anyone. If you're interested, write to us at

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