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ATPM 17.08
August 2011


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PEBKAC: Lions, and Airs, and iPads, Oh My!

I’m feeling you on the old school stuff. My first CD Mac was a Performa 630 running System 7.5. My latest is a Mac Pro 2.66 running Snow Leopard. I am totally blown away by running 64-bit operations now, but I remember giving my son his first instruction on computers on that Performa.

—Grover Watson

• • •

Grover, our oldest has been on the iMac, playing some Web-based games and such, but for our youngest, nearly three, his first computing experiences have been all touch-based, on our family’s iPhones. “When I was your age, we had to type in commands to get our computers to say ‘Hi!’ to us. We didn’t have any of this fancy pointing and touching with our fingers…”

—Christopher Turner

How To: Make the Most of TextEdit

Great article! I also use TextEdit to write fast, simple HTML pages.

—Salvatore Quartararo

Thank you. I read about that feature but have not had an opportunity to test it. TextEdit will also let you change the writing direction to right-to-left if needed.

—Sylvester Roque

Taming the Two-headed Monster

I dragged the tools palette from my Mac laptop to my second monitor. Next time I opened Photoshop, I did it only in my laptop because my second monitor cannot be connected to the power until I get an extension cord. But the tools are in the external monitor.

How do I make the tool palette of Photoshop appear back in the laptop monitor without having to power up the secondary monitor?

—Leyla Torres

Layla—simple. The procedure may vary slightly depending on which version of Photoshop you’re using, but in essence, you’ll go to the Window menu and then Workspace. In that menu, you can choose a different workspace. You can try Reset Workspace for the last used layout, but I’m not sure if that will try to put palettes back on the second monitor. What you should do is save two custom workspaces that are set up how you like to work—one for single monitor and another for dual monitor. Then you can simply select between the two as needed.

—Lee Bennett

Apple Versus Dell

The post and comments are about the last war. While everyone was busy heatedly arguing Macs vs. PCs, Steve Jobs stole the universe. Dell and Apple are indeed in different businesses. I love computers and I love mobile devices. Good luck to both and to their shareholders (especially Apple, whose shares are making my retirement possible).

—Jeffrey Ramsay

Axio Backpacks Reviews

My appreciation. You write well, and you know how to review, test, and then articulate the aspects of a product users/readers will appreciate. Thoroughly enjoyed this review.


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