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ATPM 15.06
June 2009


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by Robert Paul Leitao,

We welcome you to the latest issue of About This Particular Macintosh! We welcome summer and all the splendor of this fun-loving season. Summer means baseball, the sport known as America’s pastime. It’s the sport that gives us team names such as the Chicago White Sox and the Boston Red Sox. But it’s the sport of corporate accounting that brought us new ground rules such as Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX), and it’s the proliferation of social networking sites that have brought us this month’s favorite writing sport called SOCS or Stream of Consciousness Statements. We’ll explore this new literary sport in this month’s Welcome.

What’s a Psystar?

Much of the world may never know. Psystar, the controversial Mac clone maker, has filed for bankruptcy. A visit to the company’s Web site reveals neither information about who really owns the company nor information about the financial backers who have thrust it into a legal dogfight with Apple over the shipment of unauthorized Mac OS X–equipped computers. This may be a legal game that ends before it really got started.

Twick or Tweet?

The question is one a person might expect uttered from the likes of Elmer J. Fudd. Elmer is known to successive generations of animation fans as an onscreen antagonist of the mischievous and hugely popular Bugs Bunny. Elmer’s distinctive speech sound disorder coined such well-known phrases as “We’re hunting wabbits!”

But this is all beside the point. In today’s online vernacular, there’s a new term for quick digital messages between friends. It’s called a Twitter “tweet.” Is Twitter a cultural twick or is it really a new-culture tweet? Follow the members of the ATPM staff as we explore this new means of personal messaging in 140 characters or less. Links to ATPM staff blogs and Twitter pages can found on our site.

What’s a Retrophisch?

I asked Chris Turner, our managing editor, to explain the meaning of his oft-used Internet moniker. I figured it was an off-beat form of personal branding. There’s only one claiming the name Retrophisch on the Net, and the name shows up in a surprising number of places. With over 900 Twitter followers and a prolific blogging habit, Chris is one of the more interesting personalities one will find exploring the uses of social networking services. Besides, he’s a big baseball fan. But he follows the Rangers, not the Beantown BoSox. I tell him it’s an issue of the right pew but the wrong church. When you find him on the Web, tell him NuevoSobriquet was asking about his handle.


Like the way it sounds? I think it’s easier to pronounce than something like Retrophisch. Besides, I follow a winning team. The name was borne out of frustration because the Twitter system apparently rejects any single word or combinations of words found in common language dictionaries. It was intended as a joke and a means to save time forging an online nom de plume. Follow me as I follow Chris and we all follow each other, sharing tips, twicks and tweets.

Apple Twicks

In less than a week’s time, the curtain will open on Apple’s worldwide conference for developers. Following Apple’s decision to move away from IDG’s Macworld Expo as a marquee event in favor of this conference for developers, this year’s WWDC carries far more weight for the company in terms of public attention than ever before.

We await news of the release date for Snow Leopard, the next iteration of Mac OS X, along with news of the planned release of a new version of the iPhone. Few expect big surprises at this month’s conference, and we expect Apple to continue on a determined path to foster innovative and unique uses for its handheld hardware products.

But here’s the twick: Apple is deliberately changing the personal communications paradigm from PCs to handheld devices. The PC market is maturing, and the days of the PC as the center of the personal computing experience have passed. Watch for news from Apple about iPhone 3.0 and the increasing independence of the iPhone and iPod touch from the PC for purchasing music, movies, and apps.

Apple Tweets

The iPhone is emerging as the premiere digital device for personal communications. The mobile social networking apps allow users to keep in contact with friends and family anywhere and at anytime. The thousands of available iPhone apps to assist in pursuing all interests and pastimes will be highlighted again at this year’s WWDC. For example, whether it’s listening to the Red Sox win or the Rangers lose, the iPhone sports apps keep fans in constant contact with news and information about their favorite teams. The evolving handheld device paradigm will change the way the world communicates even more profoundly than what the PC achieved starting more than twenty-five years ago.

What’s an mjtsai?

An mjtsai is its own kind of brilliance. It’s not just the fact that he’s smart enough to follow the BoSox, he’s brought us such useful Mac products as SpamSieve, a highly rated spam solution for the Mac. mjtsai, or Michael as the staff calls him, is the publisher of ATPM. You can follow his tweets on Twitter. The ATPM staff works around the clock and from places around the world to bring you the best reviews and the most interesting views about the evolving state of personal computing.

Follow Me, Follow You, Follow Each Other

Through the use of constantly connected digital devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch, interpersonal communications is being changed forever. For example, I follow Chris, Chris follows me, and we both follow Michael. Join us online and follow us as we follow you. New twicks and tweets are available daily from the staff on our respective Twitter and blog pages.


Stream of Consciousness Statements have been the hallmark of ATPM since its first issue. Irreverent, insightful, and informative content in a free-flowing form is our favorite format. No matter the means of distribution, the staff of ATPM continues to perfect the art of celebrating the personal computing experience. Join us online each month for each new issue of ATPM, and join the staff each day as we explore the digital world around us.

Our June issue includes:

MacMuser: Sitting on the Font Fence

Mark Tennent has plenty to say on the topic of font management.

MacMuser: Switching to ADSL2+

Mark Tennent talks about a recent upgrade to ADSL2+.

Next Actions: Master List, June 2009

Ed Eubanks Jr. updates his GTD Master List.

How To: Controlling Your Mac: Multiple Computers and Monitors, One Keyboard, No Switches

It may be hard to believe you can control more than one Mac with only one keyboard and no KVM switches, but Sylvester Roque is here to tell you how.

Desktop Pictures: Tanzania Safari, Part 2

Reader David Siebecker returns with a second batch of photos from a 2006 Tanzania safari.

Qaptain Qwerty

Apple inside news from the highly reliable rumor mill of Qaptain Qwerty.

Review: iBloodTracker 2.0

This app keeps your blood pressure readings and makes a chart, but is it worth the fee?

Review: Posterino 1.5.1

Posterino is great for composing themed posters. Just be ready to pay for printing or to supply your own poster printing software and lots of time.

Review: Smashing Tennis

A simplistic tennis game that may be fine for kids, but Ellyn Ritterskamp found it a bit lacking.

Review: ZoFunk Cases

Three different types of cases from ZoFunk elicit decidedly distinctive opinions.

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Reader Comments (2)

Christopher Turner (ATPM Staff) · June 1, 2009 - 22:06 EST #1
"Retrophisch" isn't easy to pronounce? It's "re-tro-fish". See? Easy. 8^)
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · June 1, 2009 - 22:32 EST #2
Likewise, I'm still not sure I know how to pronounce. NuevoSobriquet.

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