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Home Phone Line Networking

Have an aversion to hooking up lots of extra cables? It's possible to set up a home network using the existing phone lines in your walls. It won't run quite as fast as Ethernet, but many are happy to sacrifice the speed for the ease of setup. The network band is higher than that used for voice calls, allowing you to use your network and talk on the phone at the same time.

Phone line networks don't give you instant Internet access (you still need a modem or high-speed connection), but the products may include Internet sharing software.

Proxim's HomeLINE
Proxim (previously Farallon) makes HomeLINE, a phone-line based network that connects to one of their network adapters (USB, PCI expansion card, or Ethernet), which in turn connects to your Mac or PC.

HomeLINE includes some trial Internet sharing software (probably Vicom Tech's SurfDoubler, although it's not specified on the Proxim site), which shares a single Internet connection across a network. For more info, check out the HomeLINE product info page and the Proxim site in general.
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