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ATPM 4.04
April 1998


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Welcome to our latest issue! While the Macintosh world awaits the release of Allegro, please sit down, grab a cup of Cappuccino, and enjoy our issue about the computers from Cupertino! This month Michael Tsai takes a special look at Internet e-zines while Robert Paul Leitao talks about Apple Computer and the ever-changing market for personal computers. But first...(hee, hee, hee).

Hot! Hot! Hot!
Ouch! Ouch! That's hot! Or should we say, "Hot Diggity Bunny?" Most members of the English language world have been exposed to Apple's "torched bunny" ads. The ads are "red hot," and we think the concepts are downright cool! Our readers have been recommending that Apple feature head-to-head comparisons between the PowerPC processor and its Intel counterpart. We hope the new ads will perform as well as our new computers! The real test is whether or not Apple's message comes to mind when people see an Intel ad featuring the "bunny people." Where will all this end? Who knows...The G4 processor is just around the proverbial corner! That thought ought to set Intel's engineers on fire!

The Write Stuff?
Pre-release reviews of Dr. Amelio's book entitled On The Firing Line: My 500 Days at Apple indicate it doesn't do much to shine the company's often tarnished image. In fact, most reviewers indicate the book does little more than provide a vehicle for Dr. Gil to let out steam about being fired. That's too bad.

It's our view that Gil Amelio did a lot to save Apple Computer. Although he disputes the final numbers, we also believe he was paid handsomely for his time at the helm. We wish Dr. Amelio the best and would like to thank him for his contributions to Apple's turnaround and the company's recent success.

Unfortunately, this book appears to be the "wrong stuff" for anyone looking for an unbiased account of the interesting events leading up to the NeXT acquisition, the decision to use the Mach kernel in Apple's next generation OS, and the reemergence of Steve Jobs as de facto leader of one of America's best known companies.

If your looking for "juicy tidbits" about Steve Jobs' desire to "Park Different" or a story about why Mr. Wozniak and his famous co-founder are no longer close friends, this book is the "write stuff." However, we think most people should invest the $25.00 asked for this book in a more productive manner. Please take a look at this month's Segments section. The topic is Macintosh shareware, a better way to spend your hard-earned money! Of course, this is only our humble opinion.

Mickey Mac!
Forgive us if this sounds a little "Goofy," but there are a number of rumors that suggest the Walt Disney Company is interested in acquiring Apple Computer. While many think this rumor must be from "Pluto" (we also hear the reputation of a few of theses rumormongers isn't exactly Snow White), we don't want to dismiss this possible Toy Story as factless "Flubber."

Can you imagine an all-in-one Macintosh sporting mouse ears? How about a "Minnie" Mac for girls and a "Mickey" Mac for boys? We don't think Cupertino's Sleeping Beauty needs a charming prince or a white knight. We'd rather wait for Apple to once again become Silicon Valley's Cinderella story.

Ed and the Bermuda Archipelago (Part II)
Known mostly to people who watch late-night programming on ESPN, Mrs. Ed (aka Mary) is a nationally ranked bullseye pistol shooter. It's not something Mary brags about, but Ed claims this fact has helped end many domestic disputes (especially the disputes that end in Mary's favor!). But Mary loves Ed. The thought that he was either missing or being held captive by island natives was too much for her to handle. The Fount of all Knowledge be damned! Mary would find her husband (Please see ATPM 4.03)!

Mrs. Ed readied herself to search the Bermuda Archipelago. She packed her mauve-colored parachute, an ivory-handled Colt 45 and Ed's old Gomer Pyle lunch, box filled with trail mix and berry-flavored gummi bears. Mary was set to leave when something caught her eye...It was a nearly complete ATPMtrivia column. She knew something was wrong... Ed would not have left home without his ATPM work in progress!

Mary acted on her suspicions. Instead of putting her survival skills to the test by searching the Bermuda Archipelago, she sent Hammerli, the family Lhasa Apso, to search the neighborhood ...(To be continued).

In the meantime, please see this month's Trivia column for a peak at Ed's nearly-finished handiwork. Thanks, Mary!

Know Different
It's no secret a lot of people don't know about the often subtle differences in functionality between a Mac OS-based computer and an Intel box running Windows 95. We're here to help! ATPM is an all Macintosh e-zine dedicated to celebrating the personal computing experience. Each month our columns and reviews highlight the benefits of the Mac OS and the unique advantages of Macintosh computing. We believe what we say. Now it's your turn. Please take a look inside our latest issue. This month's software reviews include a critical look at Macromedia's Freehand and at the latest version of Micromat's TechTool.

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