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When a printer lacks LocalTalk or Ethernet support and connects to a Mac using a serial (printer) cable, I refer to it as a serial printer. There are ways to share some Apple-brand serial printers on a network, but your options get murkier with printers from other companies. This page lists some existing options by printer maker and also points the way to finding more specific info for your own printer.

If your printer maker isn't listed, I'm not aware of any model-specific way to share that printer to a network. You can always check the printer documentation or web site for more info.

There are multiple sharing options for Epson printers, including an independent software product called EpsonShare, which works with a variety of models. EpsonShare runs on the printer-connected Mac, requiring no additional software on the other Macs (aside from the Epson printer software).

Epson also makes the Ethernet Print Server (part #C823622A) and LocalTalk Interface Board (part #C823121), which adapt the DFX-5000, FX-1180, FX-880, or FX-870 Impact printer series for Ethernet or LocalTalk networks. Like most printer adapters, however, the price is high enough that you'd probably be financially better off purchasing a new USB printer and using the free USB Printer Sharing software instead.


HP makes several network adapter cards for their printers, although they are also on the expensive side ($200+). The JetDirect 600N EIO Print Server (part #J3111A#ABA) provides Ethernet and LocalTalk support for the HP LaserJet 2100, 4000, 5000, 8000, 8100, and HP Color LaserJet 4500 and 8500 series printers, as well as the HP 9100 Digital Sender and HP Mopier 240 and 320. The Troy Group also makes a variety of HP print servers for both Ethernet and wireless networks.

Lexmark makes several Ethernet adapters for their printers. See the Lexmark Networking Connections page for the adapter list and supported models.
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