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Hardware Routers
Using a hardware router to share your Internet connection
Software Routers
Software that can share your Internet connection
Mac-to-PC Sharing
Things you need to know about sharing the Internet across multiple platforms
Mac-to-PC Internet Sharing

Users of mixed-platform networks have the option of using PC-based Internet routers, which should serve Macs and PC equally for Internet access.

Hardware Routers
Most hardware routers use a web browser for configuration, so the actual setup process is the same for either platform. See the Hardware Routers page for more info.

The firmware for some hardware routers can only be updated from Windows PCs, so those users can be less picky about router models.

Software Routers
There are several software routers for Windows and other PCs that function in much the same way as the Mac options described on the Software Routers page. Here are a few options for Windows users (this list is nothing like complete, see sites like Download.com for additional options):

- WinRoute (Pro and Lite versions)
- WinGate
- WithGate
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