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ATPM 8.04
April 2002




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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,


This is one of the few sites that I’m genuinely excited about. It bills itself as “your source for cutting edge music,” and that’s just what it is, hosting music from a great number of artists (most of whom I’ve never heard of) from every genre you can think of—from house to folk to classical to neo-dada. Unlike your local record store, Epitonic lists an artist under multiple genres where appropriate. Each group gets a lengthy discussion of its style, along with links to download a few sample songs in .wma or .mp3 format. There are also extensive lists of similar artists and other suggestions, many of whom are listed on epitonic. If you like discovering new music, this may become one of your favorite Web sites.

Rubik’s Cube Art

Have a couple dozen Rubik’s Cubes lying around the house and a whole lot of time on your hands? This site displays artwork including mazes, Pac-Man, and the Apple logo, all created by working dozens of cubes so they fit together just right.

Fontosaurus Text

Want a fancy font but find yourself low on cash? This site offers a horde of great fonts, all free for the downloading. You can browse fonts by name if you know what you’re looking for, or, more usefully, you can list them by category: beyond the typical Serif and Sans Serif, you can chose among Handwriting, Gothic, and Grunge fonts, to name a few. Previews of each font are available so you’ll know just what you’re downloading.

Just when you thought everything you could possibly need was available by Internet, here’s one more thing you absolutely cannot live without: random numbers. This site will generate up to 10,000 random numbers for you, in the range you specify. There are also links to show who uses these random numbers and for what purposes, and an essay about randomness. Those who prefer the safety of non-random numbers are directed to try this site.

Eldritch Press

I’m a big fan of free availability of public domain literature; Eldritch Press is just one of many sites that contributes to the cause, hosting works of literature free for the taking. But they’re contributing in another, bigger way as well, appealing all the way to the Supreme Court in an attempt to overturn the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act (1998), which significantly delays the entrance of books into the public domain.

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