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April 2002




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Review: Click ’N Design 3D CD/DVD Labeling Software

by Gregory Tetrault,


Developer: Stomp, Inc.

Price: $14.95 (download); $27.17 (CD + shipping)

Requirements: PowerPC-based Mac with Mac OS 8.6 or Mac OS X, 30 MB free disk space (320 MB for all the clip art), 800x600 display, printer that can handle label stock.

Recommended: 64 MB application RAM, QuickTime 5.

Trial: Fully-featured (30 days).


Click ’N Design 3D lets you create fancy disc labels and jewel case liners and inserts. It supports label sheets from many vendors. It has a large clip art and photo collection for creating backgrounds and foreground art. It also includes tools for creating and modifying text with 3D effects.


Double-click on the “Install Click ’N Design” icon to launch the installer. Click the Agree button after reading or ignoring the lengthy license agreement. You have options for installing the application (48 MB) and two clip art collections (100 MB and 253 MB). If QuickTime 5.02 is not installed, you may select that option, too. The application and clip art files can be installed in any folder on any hard drive.


Installer Options Window


Click ’N Design Folder with Clip Art Installed

Using Click ’N Design 3D

Each time you launch the application, you encounter a window that forces you to select a label type from the pop-up menu and label vendor from the scrolling list.


Window for Selecting Label Type and Vendor

The program does not remember your last selection, and you cannot establish default options. If you check the “Use Quick Designer” box, the program switches to the QuickStart Wizard. (I don’t know why Stomp uses Quick Designer and QuickStart Wizard interchangeably.)


QuickStart Wizard for CD Label

The main application consists of a label creation window beneath three collapsible tool bars: an unnamed toolbar (containing file option, view option, and image stacking buttons), a Layout toolbar, and an Object toolbar (with variable contents depending on label type and current task).


Application Window, Toolbars, and Palettes

The main window shows the chosen template with the default grid setting (blue lines 0.25" apart). The active area for editing is surrounded by a red rectangle. You can add three types of backgrounds: solid fill, gradient fill, or image. Six types of gradient fills are available. Gradient starting and ending colors are selected using the color palette to the right. There are two color palette options: fixed and continuous. The fixed palette contains 256 colors and cannot be altered.


Gradient Fill Options

Click ’N Design comes with a large assortment of background photos, computer art, and textures. Fifty images are uncategorized and are found in the Graphics folder. The Backgrounds folder contains 33 folders of images. Two folders contain textures. The others contain photographs. Themes vary from Architecture to Dog Sledding. Unfortunately, all images, textures, and clip art contain non-descriptive names such as “B0311772.JPG.” Click ’N Design does not include an image catalog program and does not have a printed (or printable) catalog. The only way to identify images or clip art is to preview them in the “Select Image” or “Select Background Image” windows. The default window contains a file list and a button to show or hide a preview window to the right.

The preview changes almost instantly as you highlight different image files by clicking on the file name with the mouse or by navigating through the list with the arrow keys. If you go to the Preferences window and choose “Thumbnail Selector,” then your “Select Image” window will contain three or six thumbnail images below the file list.


Default Image Selection Window with Thumbnail Selector

Unless you have an incredibly fast Macintosh, do not use this option. The Thumbnail Selector initially loads the first six images of the chosen folder. This takes quite a few seconds. As you scroll down the list of image names, more image previews load (slowly). If you change folders, the process begins again. If you go back to the previous folder, those images must reload. This process is not speeded up by giving Click ’N Design more memory, or by putting the images on your hard drive. Images can be used as background or as foreground art. Background images can be resized to fit the label, and small images can be tiled.

You can add three types of text to your labels: plain text, circular text, and 3D text. The plain text tool requires you to create a text box within the active portion of the label template. The text box cannot extend beyond the red bounds. The object toolbar contains text editing tools when the text box is selected.


Object Toolbar with Text Editing Tools

The “T” and “S” icons are pop-up menus for choosing fonts and font styles. Font size can be adjusted with the up and down arrows or by typing a point size into the text size field. The next two toolbar icons are pull-down menus to set text alignment (left, center, right, full) and orientation (normal, up, down, and other [text on a specified angle]). The next two buttons are for setting margins around the text and for editing text contents. When the text box is highlighted, the top rectangular button in the Color palette reads “Text Color.” When that button is active, the text color matches the one chosen in the Color palette.


Circular Text Creation and Editing Window

When you click the “Circular Text” button, a new window appears. Text entered into the field immediately appears in the active portion of the label template. Some icons are the same as those in the plain text toolbar. The text color button (to the right of the Style pull-down icon) pops up a standard Macintosh window for choosing colors.


Color Picker Window

You can use any available method for generating text color (CMYK, Crayon, HLS, HSV, HTML, or RGB Picker). However, if you wish to exactly match the color of plain text, then you should use one of the 256 fixed colors from the Color palette. The button to the right of the color icon toggles “Center Text” on and off. When “Center Text” is off, you can shift the circular text within the active label. When “Center Text” is on, you can only change the diameter of the circular text (the center point is fixed). The button with the letter “T” over an arc toggles convex and concave text. The Trash Can button deletes the circular text from the active label area. The orientation point for the text can vary between 0 and 360 degrees.


Window for Creating and Editing 3D Text

3D text creation is done in a separate modal window with six tabs. The upper part of the window contains buttons and numeric fields for entering zoom factor and camera distance. Tab-specific items appear on the left, and the 3D text appears on a grid to the right. With the Text tab active, you enter text into the field on the left. You can choose a font and a justification, but you cannot choose a font style (such as bold or italic). You also cannot adjust kerning, a major omission when working with 3D text. Otherwise, Click ’N Draw 3D gives you complete control over your 3D text. You can apply a variety of effects (arc, arch, bow, bubble, circle, curve, perspective, slant, and wave). You can change extrusion and bevel settings, adjust curvature of circles and arcs, apply and position one to four light sources, use a variety of materials such as gold or chrome, apply textures (including the use of images as textures), and select from solid, gradient, or image backgrounds. In addition, you can edit 3D text blocks or individual characters via Bézier curve handles.


Editing 3D Text Using Bézier Curve Handles

You can also edit the shape and 3D orientation of individual font characters and have those changes apply to every instance of the character in your text. Editing via Bézier curves and X, Y, Z position settings requires time and some trial and error (thankfully, there is a reset button), but it isn’t difficult. When you have finished editing your text and adjusting camera position (which also controls the overall size of the 3D text object), clicking on the “Transfer 3D Text” button places the text block onto the active label.

Problems, Bugs, and Omissions

Other than the quirky interface and slow thumbnail image browser, I encountered no problems with Click ’N Design 3D. An obvious omission is the lack of support for drag and drop. (The program does support cut and paste.)


The CD comes with a two-page “Quick Start Guide for Macintosh.” On the CD is a PDF file for a 20-page (6" by 9") “QuickStart Guide.” Both manuals are solely for the Macintosh version, a welcome feature for a product ported from a Windows-based predecessor. The manual begins with brief descriptions of how to create disc labels and jewel case inserts using the QuickStart Wizard. Then there is a series of “Did you know…?” tips covering image and text manipulations. I disliked this approach in a manual, especially when many of the menu and toolbar items were not even described. However, these items are described (very briefly) in the online help screens. Although the Help guide is being used in place of a more detailed manual, it doesn’t function like a manual. You cannot move sequentially through the help screens and must keep returning to main topic or subtopic screens to switch topics.


Help Viewer Window with Topic List

Technical Support

Stomp maintains a Web site listing of frequently asked questions about Click ’N Design. However, only ten questions are answered. Written support requests via Stomp’s online Web form are free. Telephone support is free for 30 days starting with the first call. After 30 days, telephone support is $20 per incident.


  • Supports labels and templates from many vendors.
  • Large image and clip art collection.
  • Ability to create and edit 3D text with advanced features such as light placement, textures, and Bézier curve adjustment of letters and text blocks.


  • No label type and vendor preferences.
  • No printed or printable image catalog and non-descriptive image file names.
  • Incredibly slow thumbnail image browser, even when images are on hard drive.
  • Non-standard interface that is inconsistent and somewhat difficult to use.
  • QuickStart Wizard offers very few choices.
  • Fragmented documentation with no unified owner’s manual.


Discus 2 from Magic Mouse Productions is another dedicated disc labeling application. An OEM version (with less clip art and no minidisc templates) is bundled with Toast 5 Titanium from Roxio (see ATPM review). Although it has its own interface quirks, Discus allows faster creation of disc labels and jewel case liners and book inserts. It can import audio CD track names from Toast. Discus costs $39 ($20 if upgrading from the Roxio OEM version).

Most drawing programs, such as Deneba’s Canvas, Adobe Illustrator, and CorelDraw, support label templates. With one of those programs and some clip art collections, you can create disc labels and jewel case liners almost as readily as with Click ’N Design 3D.

Another alternative is Nova Development’s Print Explosion Deluxe ($60). It has CD label templates and an extensive clip art and image collection. This program helps you create greeting cards, stationery, envelopes, banners, signs, labels, certificates, paper airplanes, etc.


Click ’N Design 3D subjects users to an awkward and inconsistent interface. The program would have received a “Rotten” rating if usability were my main criterion. However, the program is very inexpensive ($27.17 with shipping). The clip art and 3D text creation capabilities alone might be worth that much to some users, so I give the program an “Okay” rating.

Reader Comments (77)

Phil · April 3, 2002 - 02:17 EST #1
All your screen shots look like OS 9. How does it perform under X?
Corbin Harris · April 3, 2002 - 09:17 EST #2
I'm surprised that you didn't come across a known, but undocumented bug--curved text does not print on a postscript laser printer (not sure about inkjets). Stomper's tech support confirmed this, but didn't indicate when this bug will be fixed.

Corbin Harris
Gregory Tetrault (ATPM Staff) · April 3, 2002 - 16:32 EST #3
Phil: I do not know how well it performs under OS X, since Apple decided that OS X would not fully support beige G3 minitowers (grrrr!). I expect that it would function similarly. Perhaps thumbnail browsing speed will be better, but I doubt it.

Corbin: This isn't unusual. Most people who use a program like Click 'N Design 3D will be printing labels on an inkjet printer. Creating PostScript code for 3D stylized text would require a big addition to the program, and probably would not generate a sufficient return on investment. (Remember, this program can be downloaded for only $15.)
Errol · August 26, 2002 - 20:35 EST #4
Click 'N Design installed okay but the printer calibration tool didn't install. I tried twice. It's supposed to be under the File menu according to Help. Is it a bug?
Gregory Tetrault (ATPM Staff) · August 27, 2002 - 17:14 EST #5
Errol: The "Calibrate Printer..." File menu choice should be just above "Page Setup...." If it is not showing up in your File menu, then you have a defective installation. If you are using Mac OS 9, you may want to reinstall with extensions disabled. That may resolve the problem.
Walter Wedler · September 4, 2002 - 13:51 EST #6
I just bought their Macintosh box OS 8.6-X (CD). If you open the clip-art folder, you find 170 MB of Windows Metafile format files of the total 280MB on the CD. Unless I have a defective CD, I am getting a lot of empty folders after installation on my Quicksilver G4!! I am waiting for an answer from their tech.

W. W.
Errol Pascal · September 10, 2002 - 21:47 EST #7
My printer (Epson Photo Stylus 700) is not aligning itself even if I change it with the Printer Calibration Tool. It will shift a millimeter on the horizontal left. Any ideas?
Gregory Tetrault (ATPM Staff) · September 11, 2002 - 21:25 EST #8
Errol: You can try experimenting with the calibration settings to move the printing more to the right. You may not get a perfect calibration, but if your printing is shifted a bit to the right you can compensate by repositioning the label stock on the printer. You cannot do that if you are printing too far to the left.

I know this isn't a great help, but the calibration "feature" of Click 'N Design is badly implemented. That's why I stick with a competing product.
Graham Wilson · November 25, 2002 - 02:04 EST #9
I can't get it to print on an iMac to an Epson C61 unless it creates a .PDF first. There are no options to print directly on the 30-day trial version that I can see! If there is no solution to this problem, I won't be buying it.
Josh · October 23, 2003 - 03:34 EST #10
After successfully printing a picture from iPhoto onto a CD label and saving that image as a template, the template now displays in a label type not compatible with the labels provided. Cutting and pasting the image on another template does not work! After reselecting the same picture from iPhoto and preparing another label identical to the first, the label now prints out discolored, off-center, and squashed. It's unusable. What is happening, and what can be done? Please help. Thanks!
Tif · January 26, 2004 - 20:33 EST #11
I used Click N Design in Mac OS X - Jaguar, but since installing Panther, the app won't open. Does anyone know if there is a fix? Has there been an update or will there be in the future?
Mike Chia · January 31, 2004 - 11:48 EST #12
Same here, Tif. My ClicknDesign quits on me every time I open it in OS X 10.3. Are there any updates or fixes available?
Dan K. · February 2, 2004 - 23:02 EST #13
I'm having the same problem in Panther and am looking for a fix.
Chris Cerrudo · February 14, 2004 - 13:44 EST #14
Same for me. I'm running Panther on a PowerBook G4 and Click 'N Design isn't working.
Andrew Roazen · February 15, 2004 - 14:46 EST #15
The Classic version will run in Panther. You can download it through VersionTracker. It says how to get it to run in Classic mode. It's not great, but it's better than nothing.
Payv · February 22, 2004 - 17:59 EST #16
I'm using Click 'n Design on a G5 running Panther. The application unexpectedly quits every time I use it. No wonder it's such cheap software. If anyone finds an update, please share.
Shoff · March 4, 2004 - 19:31 EST #17
I upgraded to Panther on a G4 and can no longer access Click 'N Design. It just unexpectedly quits before launching. I'm hoping for a fix.
anonymous · March 10, 2004 - 21:33 EST #18
Shoff, We've been waiting for a fix since Panther came out months ago. Check out the Apple Discussion forums to read more. As you read what people have posted, you can just feel the disappointment and frustration of the authors. If you go to the Avery web site, it says Click'N Design is for PC and Mac - but all you can download is the PC version (.exe); what the web site doesn't say is it won't work on Mac OS X 10.3.x. And there is no indication from the company that anything is being done to make their application work on Panther. Very frustrating.
Charlie Massey · March 13, 2004 - 01:53 EST #19
Same here. I do a lot of CD labels and have a ton of them archived for instant recall. No more using Click 'N Design since it won't load in my upgraded eMac with Panther. The support for Click 'N Design ceased a couple of years ago, I believe. It's a pity because I had finally figured out most it.

Charlie, Happy Faces Productions
Norman Hallett · March 16, 2004 - 03:32 EST #20
I have been using the Click'N Design software with my iMac for over a year and love it. Last month I installed Panther 10.3.2 on my iMac and my Stomper software no longer works. Is there an undate that I may get somewhere?
Hopefully, Norm Hallett
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · March 17, 2004 - 00:21 EST #21
Norman - looks like the answer is no. Best I can tell is that Click 'N Design was weaved into Click 'N Burn which appears to be a Windows-only product.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · March 23, 2004 - 17:25 EST #22
Gordon - you should be able to simply copy an OS 9.2.x System Folder from another installation to your OS X machine, and the Classic System Preference pane will recognize it and let you launch Classic. The first time, it's probably going to want to do all sorts of updating and adjustments, but after that, you should be good to go.
Gordon Towne · March 23, 2004 - 17:41 EST #23
Thank you. I will be sure to try that. In the meantime, I found a way to somewhat replicate Click 'n' Design. I scanned in a blank CD Stomper sheet, and traced the outline of the decal in Photoshop, then used this as a template to design a label on top of. It will take a while to set up, but once you do it the first time, it will be rather easy to keep doing it. Here's the one I made.

Note: This is formatted to work with my printer, and using another may vary the placement of the outlines.
anonymous · March 24, 2004 - 21:10 EST #24
I've opened and used Click 'n' Design in classic mode on my Mac OS X only iMac, however it will not print. I'm guessing because printing support from classic to mac os x printers do not work... anyway, I'm disappointed because I cannot start-up my computer in 9.2. What should I do?
Suzi · April 25, 2004 - 22:10 EST #25
Here's the fix I found to run Click 'N Design in Panther:

"Just install the program, then right-click on the icon and select 'Show package contents.' Then go to Contents --> MacOS and get info on ClickNDesign3D, and check "Open in the Classic environment." Then, put that generic-looking icon in the Dock. You must click that icon to open the program. The original icon will try to open the program in Panther, which currently does not work."

To be able to print, I dug out my printer's installation disk and installed my printer in Classic. Fortunately for me, the disk came with two installers -- one for OS X and another for OS 9. When I clicked on the one for OS 9, it automatically launched Classic, and my printer appeared on my Chooser list. Yay! I have an Epson Stylus Photo 925 and I run Panther on a G5.
Bob Mac · May 5, 2004 - 17:36 EST #26
Thanks for the tips but Click N Design goes in the trash.
If your not prepared to work with the Mac freaks then they dont need our business. I suggest you guys still using it get out there and find an OSX.3 replacement and let us know what it is.
Bruce West · May 14, 2004 - 14:06 EST #27
Discus Cd Labeling software has and always will be better than Click 'N Design. Why would anyone buy this application only to have it run in the classic environment??? Defeats the purpose of having the greatly enhanced features that OS X offers since the classic environment is still vulnerable to crashes and system freezes that call for OS 9.x to be restarted.

Go to the following for mor information on Discus CD Label Maker:
Pat Gedney · May 24, 2004 - 13:04 EST #28
I am having the same trouble trying to run with Panther. My question is: is this company paying any attention to what we all have to say?? Has anyone gotten a response from this company or don't they care?
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · May 24, 2004 - 13:26 EST #29
Pat - the latter is probably the case. It doesn't appear, looking at their web site, that they're dealing with Macintosh products any more. There's a Contact Us link on most of the pages. At one point, I saw a phone number. I can't give a direct link because, all of sudden, none of the pages are loading for me any more. But if you see that number, you can perhaps give them a call and get the scoop. I can say, though, that if they actually have dropped Macintosh support, they're certainly not going to handle any issues that specifically pertain to the latest OS X.
Richard Lane · May 25, 2004 - 21:00 EST #30
I emailed Click N Design/ CD Stomper support. The lady I spoke with said she had no idea if there were plans to support OS X 10.3. I actually still have Jaguar on a second hard drive and I can start up to that...but...I'm looking into other options. I have found these...exPessit SE 2.2 comes is a Memorex Label program that functions in Panther. Discus as previously mentioned and another one called Disclabel 2 which has a demo version available for trial.
Jim Lang · May 30, 2004 - 12:27 EST #31
Since I switched computers, I have not been able to import a background image, not even Click N Design's own grahics.
Any pointers out there?
Do I have to ghange any settings?
Appreciate a comment.
Jim Creeden · May 31, 2004 - 08:20 EST #32
I installed click n design 3d and though it opened with no problems the first time I used it I was unable to open and operate any time after that.

I tried reinstalling it and the same thing occurred. Oh, it did open a couple times but I got no further then the first page where the "tips" are and even then there were no tips. Strange...

Please HELP.

shoff · June 10, 2004 - 13:19 EST #33
Many thanks for Suzi's posting on 4/25. I am now able to run ClickNDesign on a G4 Panther OS by using Classic mode. I still can't access my old labels, but I can use the backgrounds and just redo the text. It also prints on HP 990 printer.
Tamara Buckley · July 18, 2004 - 15:55 EST #34
I used click n Design 4.8 and loved it. Click N Design sent me the latest edition 5.1 I did not like it but in installing 5.1 it erased all but the read files of 4.8. Now I cannot reinstall 4.8 that I love because the disk reads. Checking to see in c and d is installed and it shows it is but just the read files. I cannot delete the read files and disc will not install again until removed. I used Control Panel add remove but it say cannot remove read file. Any ideas of how to get read files out off so I can reinstall????
Sharon Gillman · July 26, 2004 - 13:41 EST #35
I'm running Panther on my G4 and power book and when installing Click N Design, I get a message Unexpectedly quit. The requirements say it's for Mac OSX, but if it doesn't work with Panther, it should say. I bought the software for nothing. Every comment I read says the same thing-I think it's time you did something about this problem.
Gregory Tetrault (ATPM Staff) · July 26, 2004 - 23:04 EST #36
Stomp, Inc. has removed all references to Click 'N Design from its web site. Apparently, StompSoft wants to pretend that it never sold the product. Users with problems are out of luck unless some other company acquires Click 'N Design.
Jason steele · August 4, 2004 - 14:23 EST #37
I have had no problems runing the prog in 10.2 or Classic, but I have a issue when impoting a background image, no matter if I import a tiff or jpeg, 300 or 72 dpi, the image always prints out lowres. It also does it when I save the Click Design template as a file, at printer resolution option, and then save as a tiff. When i open the file in Photoshop I have a 300 dpi file, but all the graphics are still pixelated. anyone else find this problem?
mathue · August 15, 2004 - 13:14 EST #38
It appears that Avery has taken over Click'N Design since Stomp's web site has eliminated it. Avery's site only has a Windows executable for download even though they advertise Win and Mac. Looks to me like it's time to go elsewhere :)
Beth Terry · August 30, 2004 - 22:15 EST #39
I found Click and Design finally on So stompinc must have started up a new division just for this. I did email them and received no reply.

I agree with an earlier post, if 26 million people isn't a big enough market share for them -- especially when you realize that a lot of mac people are graphics people and inclined to love a product that lets them play -- then, to hell with them. This puppy goes back to the store tomorrow and I'm looking into other products that were recommended!

There is a download for an update, but it is only for PC.

Oh well! I think we should all take this product back to the store and make sure the store knows why. Then the store can send all the products back to CDStomper.

Hey -thanks for having this site - very cool. I found you when i was doing a search on CD Stomper.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · August 30, 2004 - 22:30 EST #40
Beth - yes, it does appear as though Stomp Inc. updated their web site and the product is, indeed, listed.

Most portions of the site would have me believe they're only selling Windows versions now, but the FAQ page does mention Macintosh system requirements. Unfortunately, stating that you need "Macintosh PowerPC processor or better, 64 MB RAM (128 MB recommended), Mac OS 8.6/9.2/X.1" doesn't really have me believing the software is Mac OS X-native. Hopefully someone will soon be able to check out this new development and let us all know the status of the Mac version.
Beth · August 31, 2004 - 12:01 EST #41
Hey everyone --- Good News. I decided to bypass customer service at CD Stomper and sent an email to the Tech people, who are very cool. They do have a new version for OSX up to 10.3. It is version 3.4.7. I had sent them an example of these posts so they would understand that we are getting frustrated. I'm going to stick with CD Stomper if they are willing to support us.

they sent me this:
If you would like to obtain this upgrade - call them at 503-469-3301 between 7:00am - 7:00pm CST, Monday - Friday or you may fax your request to 503-574-1330.
Cheers, Beth
Cali · September 12, 2004 - 00:23 EST #42
Nice work, Beth!
Can you give us any other news since your last post? Did you receive the update? How does it work?
Mark Rogers · September 30, 2004 - 20:15 EST #43
Called AVERY at 503-469-3301, They agrred to send me the OSX3 version that same day. That was in early August. Nothing in the mail.
Anyone else tried with success?
Michael Palumbo · October 13, 2004 - 15:14 EST #44
Just talked to tech support. They said the CD is on back order and will be about another month. They are still testing to be absolutely sure the program will run on Panther.
David Stearns · October 26, 2004 - 14:18 EST #45
I am having a problem printing CD labels from Click'N Design using an HP Inkjet Pro 1150C printer. For some reason about half the time I get a double image, with the second image offset from the first by about 3 inches. Any idea what may be causing this? Is it a bug with Click'N Design or a printer problem?
TahoeDog · November 3, 2004 - 14:05 EST #46
Is there a web site that supports ClicknDesign? I was only able to find the old site but they don't seem to have any information online about ClicknDesign.

Due to lack of OS X 10.3 support I am moving over to use the Toast 6 Titanium's CD Label printing software. I have only made 1 label so far but it was very easy and seemed fairly full featured.
Lee Bennett (ATPM Staff) · November 3, 2004 - 15:39 EST #47
Tahoe - Click N Design is now under Avery's software alliance, as seen here. Contacting Avery's support should hopefully yield some answers to questions about this application.
Karlos Colon · December 4, 2004 - 09:45 EST #48

hey everybody...

Like most of you I found this website while looking for info on this crappy product... as much as It's been a hassle, I like the program... now, at first I would have to change start up disks to use it because I was desperate and needed to use for school... but thanks to "Suzi", her post has taught me how I can run it in Classic. When the Real Panther update is available I'll be the first in line but until then nothing beats a CLASSIC!!


(at least for now... lol)
Ron Scott · February 13, 2005 - 12:59 EST #49
Suzi, you are a genius! Click and design now works on my G5- OS X Panther and I don't have to go to the next room to use my G4-Os X. You've saved me a lot of steps in more ways than one.
Dave Erickson · February 25, 2005 - 11:30 EST #50

From a post on the Macdiscussion website ( I found that Cdstomper (Avery) has an update to the Click 'n Design software that will enable it to run on OS 10.3.X . I called their tech support (530) 469-3301 they said that they would send me a CD of the new version, should take a couple of weeks. Strangely the website make no mention of the OS problem or that there is a remedy. I hope this will take care of the OS problem
Ed Thomas · March 12, 2005 - 15:56 EST #51
I tried the phone number listed above, but it is someone's residence. Just bought a pack of labels to use but the templates for this label are not listed in the program. I was able to open the program in Classic (thanks for that help). Any other suggestions?
andi swain · April 1, 2005 - 18:09 EST #52
how come only some of the background images will load when others will not? it just dings to let you know you can't do that. anyone, anyone?

Derek Arnold · April 18, 2005 - 07:09 EST #53
Recently bought Click'N Design3D which worked well at first. I now get the same problem as Jim, (scrollup) I get to the first tip page which is blank and no further despite reloading it twice. During re-loading I get a box as follows, GLJ 66 tmp. The ordinal 282 could not be located in the dynamic link library LTKRN12n
Can anyone help please?
Alan Rock · May 16, 2005 - 12:37 EST #54
I have been using Click & Design for the past two or three years on my Mac G-4 in OS9.2

I have now gone on to use Panther on my desk top and Tiger on my lap top, plus i have set up my home with an Airport Card.

Now, when I go back to 9.2, Click & Design will not print; what gives?

Alan Rock
Les Worley · May 17, 2005 - 23:02 EST #55
From what I can see, this program flat out will not calibrate for an HP PSC 1350 (1300 series) All-In-One printer. Oh, you can go through the "printer calibration", but it prints so far off of the label that it is not even salvagable. I can't see any sort of support for this issue. By the way, it is just as bad for Wndows XP as it is for Mac OS X 10.3 and 10.4.

Any ideas?
Robert Halsted · June 6, 2005 - 18:42 EST #56
Subject: problem accessing Click'n Design 3D on my computer.

My installed Click'n Design 3D cannot be accessed on my computer. Clicking the icon no longer loads the program. I have uninstalled Click'n Design 3D, and reinstalled it to no avail.
DAVID YOUNG · June 7, 2005 - 00:33 EST #57
I have the CD STOMPERS SOFTWARE,IS there setups on fonts to remain to same for complete printing of one set oflabels. as of now the fonts have to reset for each label to be printed.
Dick Byram · June 9, 2005 - 16:16 EST #58
I just installed Tiger on my Mac OS 10.4.1 I can no longer open My label maker.
ATPM Staff · June 9, 2005 - 16:44 EST #59
Dick - it's a near certainty that your current version of Label Maker will no longer work under Tiger. You must check with the manufacturer to inquire if an update is forthcoming.

As is true for any operating system upgrade, it is very important to make a list of all your software that you rely on prior to upgrading, and confirm there are versions (even if it's the current version) that work properly on the new operating system. It's near-suicide to upgrade an OS and blindly assume all your apps will continue to work. Many will, but it shouldn't be assumed.
Jennifer Sumner · June 27, 2005 - 14:40 EST #60
I installed Click 'N Design 3d pro.....It seems like everything else works fine on it, BUT when I try to transfer the 3D it doesn't take. What could be the problem?
Michael Dinsmore · August 15, 2005 - 20:24 EST #61
I just wanted to let everyone know--I went to a CD Stomper tech support page, filled out their form asking about 10.4 compatibility, and received an email a short while later asking where they should send a CD.

The CD arrived today, and it installed and launched on 10.4 without any problems! So if you have a previous version of this software, and need an update for 10.4, I urge you to fill out the form.
Mary Zarate · August 29, 2005 - 12:04 EST #62
I would like to know where to get up dates on this clink N design software.

anika paris · October 18, 2005 - 16:15 EST #63
I have to tell you, this is the most frustrating and bug oriented program i have EVER used. It's crashed on me 100's of times, does not save font colors and prints jpegs blurry. I have spent hours trying to get artwork out for a CD and it's been a nightmare. I am a Mac user and am fine on Quark, Photoshop and many other art programs, I don't understand why this is happening and I find it very unpleasant.

Yours truly,

Chuck Winschel · December 16, 2005 - 09:22 EST #64
Thanks for the number of technical suypport. I called it and they were great and promised an immediate update shipment. The gentleman who took the call was great!!!
Gregory Wiggs · January 19, 2006 - 18:38 EST #65
I bought this product and it will not work with OS X 10.4.4. Called Tech support said they will mail me a CD with newer version of software. Could not point me to a FTP or download site. Said it would be a few weeks before I got it. I read all the above posts. Glad to see I am not the only upset and disappointed mac users.
Victor L. Price · February 21, 2006 - 18:53 EST #66
I have a photo of myself on my computer that I copied and tried to add to cd stomper@2--up standard with center labels. the photo is a jpeg 1.9 MB. Apparently the picture and others are too large for me to squeeze in the borders. How do I decrease the size of the picture so that it fits on the label to be printed.
James Polack · February 28, 2006 - 17:19 EST #67
I have been using CnD from my old OS9 Mac and even got CnD to work in OS 10.3.9 thanks to a nifty work-around. However CnD no longer works in OS 10.4.2.. Mr Wiggs refered to a call to Tech Support to receive a newer version that works with 10.4. - Anyone have a phone number, URL or other means by which one can purchase the upgrade? Even a work-around for 10.4 would be helpful. Thanks.
ATPM Staff · February 28, 2006 - 19:39 EST #68
James -
Dennis Badger · May 14, 2006 - 10:57 EST #69
Can't find an update for OSX.4 Do I have to purchase the new software. Dennis
Barry · October 11, 2006 - 02:11 EST #70
IT WORKS! 0n OSX 10.4.7

Just downloaded and installed the Mac version from the Stomper site download page. (Oct 10/06)

Installed and booted up no problem. and appears to be working fine with Tiger OSX 10.4.7. (on a G3 iMac)

It does seem to be having some problems importing "circular text" that I had around the outside edge on some of my old label files, it says:
"Unkown error at line 897 in "CircularTextObject.cpp".

But it does still load the file, just without the circular text.

Also the background image is missing on some. (Perhaps my files are corrupted.) It has crashed a couple times, but the OS9 version used to do that too so nothing new there. Needless to say, haven't had much time to test it properly, but it does run and everything looks okay.

Anyway, give it a shot, perhaps it will work you.
James H. Reza · November 23, 2007 - 11:05 EST #71
Dear Sir, I just upgraded my G4 Mac to Tiger. My ClickNDesign works fine. However, I'd like to know if there is an upgrade for ClickNDesign (I have version 3.4.7) would it work as well as what I have right now. I have a lot of vintage music (Tejano, Blues, 50s, country) and love to share it with friends. Thus, I use my CD label making from my ClickNDesign almost weekly. James H. Reza
dvega · January 25, 2008 - 19:39 EST #72
Looks like the comments are declining. Only one in 2007. Hopefully this won't be the only one in 2008.

I just called tech support from ATPM Staff's post above and found that the newest version (at the time of this post) is 5.0 and it only works for Macs 10.4.4 and above. So apparently they took all that time between the making of the last 10.2 version and 10.4.4 to figure out that people still wanted the software. As an owner of 10.3.9 I'm out of luck unless I find an old version of the software that was compatible with this system. Does anyone know what this is?

I don't want to look forward to getting my computer upgraded again just so I can use this program. I'd rather have a version now that works and lets me recover my old Click N' Design projects that I will still use in the future.
JIm Unsworth · June 18, 2008 - 09:01 EST #73
Despite where I move the cursors in the calibration menu the x y printout is always the same. The cursors are not talking to the Brother MFC 440 CN for some reason and I have gone through 100 pages attempting this calibration.
This calibration is not, as you say, EASY. Please advise. I am using MAC leopard operating system.
Beth Pettigrew · August 20, 2008 - 22:42 EST #74
I had problems with the printing of the labels. They always printed on the left instead of the right. Apparantly the label paper from Avery is now set up for the new version of Click N Design only!
Albert Scharosch · October 7, 2009 - 13:00 EST #75
Looks like Click N Design has hit the "shut down" button. Too bad. It was great. For me, it had been working (sort of) ok until today. Today it quits consistently upon launch. I'm running MAC OS 10.5.8 and have a Click'N Design version
Rena Vann · October 18, 2009 - 16:06 EST #76
I tryied to install Click'N Design 3D and it did not install all the way and now i am trying to uninstall it and it wont. So now it's used up alot os space on my computer that i need and now i cant use it.
avinash tiwari · May 7, 2015 - 02:11 EST #77
I bought this very recently but since then post installation, it fails loading any template and not able to import the png or image file. Printing itself is big pain as it keeps on showing error loading...

Sent email to customer support guy but didn't get any help. I believe I felt cheated by this worst software ever had.

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