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ATPM 10.01
January 2004


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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

Antarctic Philately

“Great God! This is an awful place…” begins the text on this site, warmly inviting you to click for entry. Inside you’ll find everything you could ever hope to learn about the postal history of Antarctica. The site is well-illustrated with letters from antarctic explorers of both historic and modern times. Similar materials relating to the Arctic region are also available, though no mention is made of what happened to that letter I sent to Santa Claus…

Magic Eye Image of the Week

I first discovered Magic Eye when I was in high school, but the concept has been around much longer. Stereoscopic cameras, in fact, have been around for over a hundred years. This site offers a little history in its FAQ, but mostly it’s just there to give you a new image every week to try to wrap your eyes around.

The Gourd Artist’s Guild

The stated purpose of this Web site is “to encourage, enhance and perpetuate the use of gourds as a medium in the arts.” On this site you can learn about musical gourds, see countless pictures of decorated gourds, and even learn what you missed at last year’s annual Gourd Artists Gathering. Best of all, you can get your own “Gourds Must Predominate!!!” bumper sticker for only a buck and a half.

Making the Macintosh

Oh fine, I’ll give you one Mac-related Web site. This site is a virtual museum of the history of the Macintosh, offering articles, illustrations, and, most interestingly, primary documents on such subjects as the Apple mouse, marketing the macintosh, and user groups. The site is relatively new and welcomes suggestions and corrections from readers.

Merck Veterinary Manual

Something for the pets in your household: this site claims to be “the single most comprehensive electronic reference for animal care information” and if it’s not, I don’t want to know what is. Indexed and searchable, the site gives you quick access to a wealth of health information for traditional pet animals, domesticated barnyard animals, and “exotic” animals from alpacas to fish. It is, as the name implies, geared towards veterinarians: those with hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia may wish to steer clear.

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Reader Comments (3)

Ed Williams · January 4, 2004 - 10:08 EST #1

Most amusing, bemusing, and useful. Kudos! (My dog is best pleased. :=)

Rob D. · January 13, 2004 - 09:27 EST #2
I like your links, but Santa Claus lives in the Arctic. Maybe Santa's anti lives in Antarctica.
Paul Fatula (ATPM Staff) · January 13, 2004 - 19:40 EST #3
Actually, the line in question reads:
"Similar materials relating to the Arctic region are also available, though no mention is made of what happened to that letter I sent to Santa Claus…"

So yes, I know Santa lives in the Arctic, and acknowledged such.

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