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March 2002




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About This Particular Web Site

by Paul Fatula,

The Phobia List

If you’re afraid of something, there’s probably a word for your fear, if not several. This site is the place to find it. Not recommended if you suffer from
hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia (fear of long words) or epistemophobia (fear of knowledge), but if your only problem is geniophobia (fear of chins) or anamblephobia (fear of looking up), you should be okay.


Just because Steve Jobs thinks Aqua is the only theme anyone should ever want (or be allowed to have) doesn’t mean you do. From this site you can view a nice selection of alternative themes for OS X, including a few that attempt to bring back the look of Classic Mac OS. Support for themes isn’t built into OS X, of course, but the freeware application Duality is one of several applications you can use to switch to a non-Aqua theme in OS X. Not recommended if you suffer from metathesiophobia (fear of changes).

License Plates of the World

No matter what it is, somebody out there collects it. Which we all know means there’s a Web site about it. From this site, you can see pictures of pretty much every licence plate type there is, not just from the US but from countries around the world. Pick a region for a list of countries in that region, pick the country, and sit back while you gaze lovingly at a Ugandan licence plate, or relive your recent road trip to Tadjikistan. Links on the page point to articles about the grading of licence plates, collectors’ clubs, and more.

Gallery A

I usually avoid commercial links here, but I like what this site is trying to do. A marketplace for a number of Russian artists, mostly from the St. Petersburg area, the site shows off galleries of artwork in various styles. Short resumé-style biographies are also available for most artists. The English language translation on the site isn’t perfect, but you’re there to look, not to read. Prices for displayed artwork are not listed, but there’s a form you can fill out to inquire if a particular piece strikes your fancy. (I haven’t ordered from them; I just like the site.)

Lord of the Rings

A few months back, I mentioned a site which showed several Bible scenes re-enacted in Lego. This site does the same sort of thing with J. R. R. Tolkien’s classic. More on the cute side than the humourous, but still nicely done. From the site’s main index, you can see scenes from various other stories re-created in Lego, including Robin Hood and Moby Dick. If you don’t suffer from legophobia (OK, I made that one up), you can also check out the Lego Manic’s Webring.

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