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Review: Intrigo Lapstation

by Daniel Chvatik,


Developer: Intrigo


Price: B1: $89, B2: $139, B3: $189

Requirements: none

Trial: none

Portable computers have become increasingly popular over the years, and this popularity has brought with it the need to not only take your computer on the road with you, but to also bring your entire “workspace” with you. That’s the idea behind the line of Lapstation “mobile computing workspaces” by a young company called Intrigo.

Intrigo’s concept is indeed intriguing. Those who use portable computers probably realize on a regular basis that sitting with your laptop placed on your lap is not necessarily very convenient or productive. Intrigo has tried to counter this view through the Lapstation, a raised flat surface with wrist pads and two pouches on the sides for storing various objects that you may need. When I first learned about the Lapstation, I was very excited. Then I saw pictures and was awestruck. It just looked so cool. There are three models and a variety of styles from translucent “vapor” to a smooth titanium finish; they just scream “high-tech.”

Then I started using it—or rather tried to use it. Maybe it’s just me, but I didn’t find the Lapstation to be practical. Obviously, when you already have a desk for your laptop to sit on, you have no need to use it. If you are lying or sitting in bed, it turns out that the surface is too high to work comfortably—I was always almost sinking below the platform and had to hold my hands high up to reach the keyboard and trackpad.

Sitting on the sofa, I can’t use the Lapstation either. When it’s opened, the two sides are supposed to hold it up, but for me the spread between them is so large that the Lapstation keeps slipping off the sofa on either side. The solution is to fold it back together so it forms a simple flat surface. This, however, presents two additional problems: I cannot use the two pouches and after a while it gets quite heavy. The Lapstation is way too large for use as a simple surface, anyway. The only position where I am able to use it (and here it is actually really comfortable) is sitting on the floor with my back leaning on the soft side of my couch. But I don’t think this limited use justifies either its price or lugging the Lapstation around everywhere you go.


I have a few more gripes besides the limited usability. For one, the Lapstation is bigger than it needs to be. The designers could save in both thickness and overall size without losing much functionality. When unfolded, the Lapstation is not as stable as I would have preferred. It doesn’t exactly collapse, but it can sway to the left and right in an annoying way.

Lastly, once it is unfolded, there is no way to “lock” it in that state. It comes together loosely at the top, and the only object that holds it there is the weight of your computer pressing the halves together. This problem really should be addressed; if you move the Lapstation even slightly, the halves part and then come back together. A body part could become caught in the space between the two halves, with pretty painful results. Otherwise, however, the Lapstation is very well built, with a snappy lock that holds it together when folded up.


There are three basic versions of the Lapstation, which differ in price, materials used, and looks.

The Different Kinds of Lapstations


  • Lightweight High-impact Polystyrene Structure
  • Medium Density Neoprene Wrist Pads
  • Dual Suspended Mesh Pouches


  • Translucent High-impact Polycarbonate Structure
  • Ultra Soft Gel Filled Pads
  • Premium Quality Dual Suspended Mesh Pouches


  • Durable Titanium-finish High-impact PC/ABS Alloy Structure
  • Ultra Soft Gel Filled Wrist Pads
  • Premium Quality Dual Suspended Mesh Pouches

I think the Lapstation is a great idea. I wanted to love it and tried hard to do so, but I just couldn’t find more than one comfortable way to use it. It’s quite a bit to carry around (though you can get a special carrying bag as an accessory), and the price tag seems to be too high to justify the limited functionality.

Maybe I just don’t appreciate it properly; maybe others will find it a tremendously useful tool for the road warrior. However I didn’t, so I only give it an Okay rating. I believe that if Intrigo puts a bit more work into the idea, it could have a wonderful product on its…lap.


  • Adjustable Width: 27.5" to 32.5"
  • Adjustable Height: 10.0" to 11.5"
  • Work Surface: 25.3" x 16.0"
  • Closed Volume: 16.0" x 12.6" x 3.8"
  • Pouch Dimensions: 10.0" x 5.0"
  • Weight: 5.6lbs (B1), 5.9lbs (B2), 6.3lbs (B3)

Reader Comments (7)

anonymous · January 13, 2002 - 15:28 EST #1
Do you think that it would be easy to use if I were to sit in bed just like you said about the floor position? Also, does it lock in any way so that you could maybe lower it? Is there maybe a way to modify it to do so, if not? And what color did you think was the coolest? Thanks for your help.
George S · July 15, 2002 - 04:03 EST #2
There is now another model, the "Lapstation Pro," that is smaller and much lighter. It should address some of the issues mentioned in the review.
Aurora d' · March 13, 2003 - 20:39 EST #3
My cat, Happy-Go-Lucky, disagrees. He thinks that the Lapstation is just the right size for him -- and he lets my laptop sit on it, too. He loves it so much so that he broke my B2 model last night when he jumped on it. (I've had it more than two years, and my previous cat, Harmony, sat on it, too, but she wasn't as heavy.)

I've just ordered the B3 Lapstation which is made with pulverized aluminum. Hopefully, it will be strong enough for my laptop -- and Happy-Go-Lucky.

Thanks for listening to another point of view!
billie landrum · December 12, 2004 - 17:37 EST #4
I want to buy an intrigo and cannot find a website
that will give me the right information. I called the company itself and left my phone number and no one
opted to return my call. Please help me if you can.
I am 72, have emphysema and need this laptop to use n my bed for my wireless.

thanks so much.

billie landrum
Clive Parrott · May 22, 2005 - 17:43 EST #5
Sadly it appears the company no longer exists.
i was after one.
Erik Ekberg · September 16, 2005 - 20:27 EST #6
I've been searching for it as well. It appears as there IS a site selling the product. I found it at:

The company gives this information about their whereabouts:

Home Shop International
15 King St., St. Catharines, Ontario, L2R 3H1 Canada
Tel: not available Fax: (905) 685-8010

They seem to be an online business only. Note the lack of phone number. I have made no further inqiries.

The three versions were available at


jezbel · March 26, 2007 - 21:31 EST #7
I just got my Intrigo B2 today. I was thrilled with the description online at which sells only two versions of the lapdesk.
It's cool enough looking but the think is massive. I keep a relatively small laptop for travel and to use in other rooms in my house. I have the big desktop, clearly, on my actual desk. My need for the Intrigo is to use sitting on the bed, the couch or outside on my outdoor furniture (loveseat) to enjoy the weather and still go online. But this thing is HUGE. Just too big. And, as another review stated, too high. With some height adjustments in the legs and some kind of small locking device to keep it from folding in on itself it would be perfect. I don't think I'm going to keep the B2 - just too big, bulky and impractical.
By the way the factory is still open for business. Mine was drop shipped direct from the factory called Peerless Injection Molding in Gardena, CA USA.

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