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October 2000


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by the ATPM Staff,

Nomad II MP3 Player

Creative has released a new version of its Mac software for the Nomad II line of MP3 players, reviewed in last month’s issue of ATPM.

With the release of Casady and Greene’s SoundJam MP 2.5.1, Creative posted the Nomad-specific version of the software, SoundJam MP for Nomad 2.5.1. This version updates the Nomad II driver to version 1.15, which now allows the Nomad II’s firmware to be updated.

The new version of the firmware (2.00.19) allows for a wider range of sampling rates in MP3 files. It also accepts longer file names and eliminates the eight-character and “.MP3” restrictions.

When loading files onto the Nomad II using the Nomad Manager software, ID3 tags are still ignored, but songs are displayed using their full Macintosh file names. If the new SoundJam MP 2.5.1 software is used instead, ID3 tags are preserved and songs are displayed in the playlist using the correct ID3 information.

Both updates are available from the NomadWorld drivers page.

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